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Week 3 Final Recap and Other Thoughts

– Obviously The Torrey Smith Story is the most emotional news to come out of this weekend, for him to have one of his best games as a pro hours after his brother dies in a motorcycle accident shows some real intestinal fortitude.  And the game itself had a wild finish, with Justin Tucker barely hitting the winning field goal after being iced by Bill Belichek when his kick would have gone straight through.  And oh yea, Belichek puts his hands on a ref after the game ended on that play, well done there.

– And the replacement refs just blew a game, you knew it was coming, now they call a clear as day interception a touchdown pass.  Wow.  Green Bay got jobbed.  And it was a great game before it.  Terrible, now I’m saying it, get the real refs back please, they’re getting worse every week not better.

-Here’s something you don’t expect to hear after a team wins– Its time to hit the panic button with the Jets.  The offense is stagnant and the defense was already beatable– AND NOW DARRELLE REVIS IS OUT FOR THE SEASON!!! This is worst possible news Rex Ryan and the Gang could get, unless Kyle Wilson has a miraculous breakout stretch, which more than likely isn’t realistic.  The offense has to do something, nobody really thinks much of Jeremy Kerley (except me) or Stephen Hill, but I think both have legitimate receiver material, and the Jets do to, so they have to figure out a better way to utilize it.  Now in all fairness, a ground game would help, especially from a team that wants to call itself “Ground and Pound,” where is that exactly?  Because its not from Shonn Greene, Bilai Powell averages 4 yards a carry so far, while Greene can’t even crack 3 (neither are great, keep in mind).  Jets are in trouble, folks.

– Matt Stafford and Reggie Bush are 50/50 for this weekend, while CJ Spiller could be out for Buffalo, yet Fred Jackson could be back this week as well.  On the positive side, while Darius Heyard Bey probably won’t play this weekend, but he’s expected to make a full recovery after the brutal hit he took against the Steelers that knocked him unconscious for 10 minutes.  Austin Collie’s comeback lasted barely one game, as he suffered a season ending knee injury in the game against the Jaguars.  TY Hilton could be really good, as I’ve already stated.  If you have some bench space a could use a wild-card WR in fantasy, think about stayin’ at the Hilton.

– Why would the Eagles think of benching Michael Vick before cutting their offensive line after they allowed Vick to be sacked 5 times and hit 13 total times, and let him be sacked 9 times total through 3 games thus far.  I can’t blame Vick for his poor showing simply because sometimes its hard to do your job properly when 11 people are constantly attacking you with little resistant from the guys paid to block for me.  I hate the Eagles (and the Phillies for that matter), but leave Vick alone (for now).

-Quick Power Rankings after Week 3: 10- Eagles, 9. Broncos, 8. Seahawks, 7. Cardinals, 6. Giants, 5. Falcons, 4. Ravens, 3. 49ers, 2. Packers, 1. Texans.

For the record I think anything after #8 is entirely open to individual interpretation (though in all fairness, this early in the season, that could be said for all of it, but), I chose the Eagles, Broncos and Seahawks because I do think they’re better than some of the other teams with simiar records, I think the Broncos will still be a playoff team, and Seattle is going to be tough to beat in their building all season, which gives them an almost “Lambeau Field”- like edge.  The Saints had it in their Super Bowl season, not saying the Seahawks go that far, but they’re currently one of the toughest team’s to beat in their building.  The Cardinals defense looks legit, and if Kevin Kolb can finally be the QB Arizona thought it was getting last year, the NFC West looks a lot tougher than anybody thought it would be.

The Falcons are entirely clicking on all cylinders with Matt Ryan playing amazing, Michael Turner doing enough on the ground, and the defense looking better than anybody thought it would be this year.  Everybody thought the Falcons might fade away this year, not if they have anything to say about it.  Finally, the 49ers lost badly this week, in spite of Jim Harbaugh’s never-ending supply of Challenges and Timeouts, to a team considered one of the worst heading into week 3.  I can’t put Green Bay lower than two, I know they already lost to the Niners, I know they gave up 8 sacks in the game, but I have already stated how I view the trip to Seattle and I do think it applies here.  PLUS THEY GOT JOBBED, IT WAS AN INTERCEPTION.  And I guess I just can’t put the Niners ahead of the teams I expect to be in the Super Bowl this year, especially the way Houston is playing right now.  Matt Schaub looked like Evander Holyfield after his hard hit against the Broncos, between Schaub, the backfield and the defense, the Texans look like the best team in the AFC.  Green Bay’s got some work to do now to back what now looks like a bold statement on my part, however.

-Ending with some baseball, the playoff races in AL are heating up with a week left to play.  A half game is all that is between the Yankees and the Orioles, as well as the White Sox and the Tigers.  I still say the Yankees win the East, and barring something unforeseen, the Orioles will still take the first playoff spot, with Oakland still holding a 2 and a half game lead against what could be a dangerous Angels team for the finally spot.  In the Central, the Tigers are more talented as a team then the White Sox, but they have rarely shown it this year.  And as great as Justin Verlander is, the White Sox staff has been amazing this year, with breakout years from Chris Sale and Jose Quintana, and Jake Peavy pitching like he’s back in San Diego pre- injuries.  In the NL, the Reds and Giants have their divisions rapped up, and the Nationals look to do the same soon too.  The Nationals need to consider bring Stephen Strasberg back in the playoffs out of the bullpen to have a chance at going far though.  Think David Price and Adam Wainwright in their rookie years for their respective teams.  The Braves and Cardinals take the two Wild Cards spots, so much for the Dodgers splashy moves, I guess.

-Let’s pray this replacement ref crap is over after this debacle.

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