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Week 2 College Football Roundup - This Is Sports Zone

With the first year of the college football playoff, scheduling top ranked non-conference opponents becomes as important as winning conference games. Case in point; Oregon playing Michigan State in Week 2. It wasn’t a great week for the Big 10, but it was a great week for the PAC 12.

Oregon 46, Michigan State 27

201409062105759180212This game was a lot closer than the score seemed. Michigan State was having a ton of success in containing the Oregon offense and ended the first half with a 24-18 lead. After halftime, Oregon exploded with 28 points and exploited mismatches that were not there in the first half. Oregon’s offense (similar to what former head coach Chip Kelly runs with the Eagles) consists of the QB making three reads off of one play. Marcus Mariotta is an expert, as he has been running this offense for close to three years. He did a great job mixing in some read options, and when the defense was biting on the fakes he’d scramble to pass. With Stanford’s struggles to score against USC, Oregon should be in key position to win the PAC 12 North and possibly make the college football playoff.

Va Tech 35, Ohio State 21

If you were paying attention, you could have seen this loss coming for Ohio State a week ago. Last week they struggled against an undersized Navy defense before pure athleticism took over and they cruised to victory. This week against a team that does not have that problem, their offense couldn’t consistently produce. What was most disappointing was the fact that the defense, and more particular the defensive backs were just being beat off the ball. Virginia Tech is a mediocre at best ACC team that came to the Ohio State and won. We all knew that loss of Braxton Miller would have an effect on the offense but the lack of the explosive play, is concerning. Ohio State can pretty much kiss goodbye any aspirations of making the college football playoff.

Nebraska 31, McNeese State 24
Iowa 17 Ball State 13
These scores are embarrassing. It took a last-minute touchdown by Abdullah saved Nebraska from an embarrassing potential loss in Overtime. The fact that a FCS school was paid to go play in Nebraska and they almost won, makes me think that the Big 10 West division is a joke. It took another last-minute touchdown by Iowa to escape with a home victory against Ball State. Iowa couldn’t run, pass, tackle, or cover. Those of the type of things that football teams need to do to win. It will be very interesting to see who ends up winning the BIG 10 West. It might be by default Wisconsin but, I am not sure if they are up to the task as well.

Week 2 College Football Playoff Rankings
1. Florida State
2. Oregon
3. Alabama
4. Texas A&M

Michigan State drops out of the top 4 but if they run the table and teams from the top four fall off, there could be a serious debate to see if they deserve a playoff spot. Alabama and Florida State played the yearly charity game against cupcake opponents. Texas A&M had a bye but their victory in week one against South Carolina was so impressive that they make it to the top 4.

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