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The Math Behind Why Yankees Fans Shouldn't Panic - This Is Sports Zone

New York Yankee fans have been privileged to see some of the greatest to ever wear the pinstripes the last 17 years. With 3 of the Core 4 still playing (Rivera, Jeter, Pettitte) that era is coming to end sooner rather than later for Yankees fans and they are beginning to worry about those dreaded words “rebuilding mode” but have no fear the Yankees have a plan in place and here it is.

This coming offseason Joba Chamberlain ($1.875 mil), Phil Hughes ($7.15 mil), Hiroki Kuroda ($15 mil), Andy Pettitte ($12 mil), Mariano Rivera ($10 mil), Robinson Cano ($15 mil), Curtis Granderson ($15 mil), Derek Jeter ($16.73 mil), and Kevin Youkilis ($12mil) all come off the books for a total of $104.755 million freed up. Now the Yankees do have $203.445 million on the books this season and this is where things get tricky. They are trying to get under the $189 million cap next season (by doing that it resets the Yankees future luxury tax percentage back to 17% which will save the Yankees millions in future seasons and in those future years with a lower luxury tax expect the Yankees to be free spenders yet again but for next season the Yankees have to get under) and getting under that cap next season doesn’t hurt the Yankees as bad as fans think here’s why.

The 2014 Yankees have $98.69 million already on the books and to stay under the cap they have to spend less than $90.31 million. Joba and Hughes will both likely be traded before the deadline (or won’t be resigned either way they won’t be in New York next season). Fans shouldn’t expect much back in return but that does make room for Nova and Pineda in the starting rotation without having to add to the payroll. The Yankees will have to pay Cano somewhere in the 8 year $200 million range ($25 mil per year) and will most likely come to terms with Jeter (barring further injury) somewhere in the 2 year $20 million range ($10 mil per year). The great Mariano Rivera is retiring and can’t possibly be replaced but David Robertson will likely be in line for his job as the closer so no money to be spent there. Curtis Granderson and Kevin Youkilis will be playing else where next year if not retired. Andy Pettitte is going to ride off into the sunset and let’s face it doesn’t matter who you bring in like Rivera there is no replacing Pettitte. Kuroda is the wildcard though the Yankees need him he’s been the best pitcher on the staff this season and he has at least another season of productive pitching ahead of him the Yankees can get a 1 year $12 million deal done to bring him back next season. So between Jeter, Cano, and Kuroda the Yankees will roughly spend $47 million to resign them out of the $90 million they have to spend in the offseason leaving them about $43 million still remaining to play with (follow so far I know it’s a lot of math and numbers but it makes sense think about it).

Next season the Yankees lineup should look like this Texiera 1B, Cano 2B, Rodriguez 3B (unless the life time ban comes through), Jeter SS, Gardner CF, Ichiro RF, Wells LF (for now and of course barring injury or suspension) the only real need is a catcher who can hit. Pitching wise Sabathia, Kuroda, Nova, Pineda, and maybe Phelps are looking like the starters with Robertson closing and that’s not bad. Which means the Yankees will have roughly $43 million to find a back of the rotation guy, a productive catcher (although Stewart has had his best offensive season his career numbers say it won’t last), some bullpen help, and some depth on bench. Look for the Yankees to go after free agent catchers Brian McCann and Mike Napoli as they don’t have a catcher in the farm system ready for the majors. With plenty of free agent pitchers hitting the market this offseason Tim Lincecum, Matt Garza, Paul Maholm, Josh Johnson, Ervin Santana, and Roy Halladay to name a few the Yankees shouldn’t have a problem getting someone to fill the back of their rotation. Also don’t be surprised to hear the Yankees throwing around the idea of bringing in Nelson Cruz, Jacoby Ellsbury, or Shin-Soo Choo in as they could always use help/depth in the outfield. It’s not rebuilding its retooling and Yankee fans there is no reason to panic.

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