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RG3, He is No Cam Newton, He's Better - This Is Sports Zone

The NFL has a lot of great players come out of the draft each and every year, but to me over the last two years there are two Quarterbacks who get my attention more so than some of the others and it is simply because of the way they play their position and how exciting they can be. My goal here is to explain to you why, in the NFL, Robert Griffin III has a chance to be, not only far better than Cam Newton, but when all is said and done may actually rank up there with some of the Elite QBs of all time. Now you may say well, that is a pretty bold statement after just two bodies of work in the NFL, but I truly believe you can learn a lot about an NFL QB by the way he presents and carries himself as well as his “Controlled Chaos” as I like to call it which I will explain further on down the road. First lets compare each QBs Statistics in their senior years at their respective Colleges.

In Cam Newton’s senior year at Auburn his statistics looked something like this 185 out of 280 attempts which leads to a completion percentage of 66.1% to go along with 30 Tds to only 7 interceptions with a QB rating of 182. RG3 on the other hand threw the ball a lot more and in a conference that, let’s face it, is not the SEC. His numbers were significantly higher, some would say, for these reasons. Here are the statistics for RGIII in his senior year, he threw the ball an amazing 402 times completing 291 of those passes for a completion percentage of 72.4 % 37 Tds 6 Picks and a QB rating of 189.5. As I hinted to before I would consider these stats sort of a wash considering the difference in the teams they played, and in the SEC you have to be able to run the football to be successful and make it to the SEC title game. Two differently ran offensive systems factor into that equation as well. One thing we did learn about these players in their college careers is that they are explosive and they can make plays happen simply with their athletic ability.

A big difference between the two QBs and their styles of play is what I referred to earlier as “controlled chaos” knowing the difference between getting amped up for a game and being able to play at a high level with high intensity and still go through your progressions and make intelligent decisions with the football. I feel that RG3’s “controlled chaos” is more in check than Cam Newton’s. Cam Newton relies solely on his athletic abilities to get him through and make big plays, and he gets very fired up. There is a such thing, especially at the QB position in the NFL, as getting too fired up to play a football game because it clouds your judgement. You begin to rely solely on yourself, your athletic abilities, and not your teammates. In tight situations your mindset goes into I can get this done all by myself. You can’t fault a guy for his instincts and the intentions are great but where it may work at the college level it will not equal out to a lot of wins in the NFL, and these players tend to get down on themselves and or the people around them when things aren’t going right.While Exciting, not productive, a little bit chaotic. If you watch Robert Griffin III he plays at a high level with high intensity but is still able to, before the game, pull on either his cookie monster or sponge bob socks, have sort of that relaxed yet intense attitude about him, and go out and perform at a high level. Another great example of a position where this is important would be linebacker and who better at linebacker to observe than Ray Lewis. Ray Lewis plays the game at a higher intensity level than almost anyone in the entire NFL When Ray Lewis is blitzed he is going and his mindset is beat the blocker get to the ball carrier, he does this and he does this quickly, all while dissecting what is happening in front of him with a high level of “Football Intelligence.” That my friends is controlled chaos and is not easy to find. When RGIII drops back it seems that he has the ability to dissect what is going on in front of him and make an intelligent calculated decision as to what to do with the football. Most running QBs will go through their progressions, if nothing is there, they will throw a bad pass, or their natural instinct is to run. RGIII on the other hand seems to add the running aspect of his game to his progressions and if nothing is there, either in the pass or the run, he will simply throw it away or take a sack. Both resulting in a live to play another day outcome as opposed to an interception, fumble, or injury.

Another small yet contributing factor is the way these guys handle their post game interviews. Rarely ever do you see a Tom Brady or a Peyton Manning let their emotions get the better of them in a post game interview, when things haven’t or aren’t going their way they do not get negative or down on themselves. Everything seems to be a we can and will be better type of attitude. From what my eyes have seen RGIII conducts himself this way. Even after a win you will hear these type of players point out some things they can improve on or could have done better. All while having a sort of swagger about them which comes out more in mid week or off season interviews when the players are more inclined to have fun with the media. I have seen Cam Newton interviews where you can definitely tell he is down, his body language terrible and his comments or answers defensive.

Personally, I feel that we as fans, have yet to see anything like RGIII. He has athleticism just shy of Michael Vick but the Football Smarts just shy of Peyton Manning, making for the ultimate hybrid QB who can excel in each aspect of the game as the experience and workload at the NFL level keep growing. This biggest, and to me, only question about RGIII would be the same we would ask of any mobile QB. Can he stay healthy? Which also makes you think, imagine if Tim Tebow could just learn to throw the football. A big mobile QB who can throw and hit with some of the biggest LBs in the league. If my opinions on RGIII are correct, that would be the only thing more effective at the QB position, a Tim Tebow who could throw a football. Either way this is going to be fun to watch.

By: Eric Pfeiffer

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