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Random Thoughts, Musings and Other Observations: Back to the Gridiron - This Is Sports Zone

Week 16 was interesting on two levels- for most people it is the Championship Week in Fantasy Leagues, and in the real NFL, the playoff picture basically almost crystal clear in the AFC, and in the NFC the race for the East and final Wild Card spot is all that remains.  With that, we begin:

– The Colts and Bengals locked up their playoff spots with wins over the Chiefs and Steelers, while the Ravens dominant win over the Giants clinched the division and the 4th seed as well.  The Vikings win over the Texans means that the only thing left to decide is who gets the byes, as the Broncos won their 10th straight, and the Patriots stayed a game behind with a win over the Jaguars.  The Broncos and Texans stand at 12 wins entering the final week, but if either of them loose and the Patriots beat the Dolphins, the Patriots will end up with the 2nd spot.  Does anybody else think we’re going to see Peyton v. Brady one more time in the AFC Championship game?  I know I have since the Pats destroyed the Texans a couple weeks ago.  Arian Foster’s health scare doesn’t help them either, and it probably didn’t help anybody who was counting on him in their Fantasy Championship game either.

-Moving to the NFC, the Packers destroyed the Titans, 55-7, Aaron Rodgers was unstoppable with four total TDs, but the bigger story was the surprise return of Ryan Grant, who ended the day with 114 all- purpose yards and two TDs.  Congrats if you were among the 1 percent of Yahoo owners who had the foresight to start him.

-The Falcons clinched home field throughout the playoffs with their win over the Lions, and Seattles decimation of the 49ers last night clinched a playoff spot.  It’s looking like the Viking/Packer game coming up this week will be of big importance, as the Packers can clinch the bye week with a win, while the Vikings win and their in, otherwise they need all three teams, the Bears (at the Lions), the Cowboys (at the Redskins), and the Giants (v. the Eagles) to loose if they do.  The Cowboys have the better divisional record, and as a result, if they win the showdown with the Saints, they’re in.  That’s all it takes, great.  Tony Romo and Dez Bryant went off for huge games yesterday, but once again the defense can’t stop anybody in the 4th quarter or later, and the Saints won on a field goal in OT.  After their embarrassing performance last night, the Niners can still clinch the division with a win against the Cardinals next week, and they can even clinch a bye if the Packers loose to the Vikings.  The Cowboy/Redskin game still decides a ton next week, as miraculously, the Boys control their destiny, a win and their in.  I never thought I’d agree with Trent Dilfer, but last night he called it a “legacy” game for Romo, one that could entirely change people’s perceptions of him.  And let’s be honest, since Week 9 he’s been as good as any quarterback in the game, having 17 TDs against only 3 picks in that span, but these are the games that define careers, and he needs to define his next week, cause the fact is, the defense can continue to leak like a sif like it has all season since Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Morris Claybourne and Jay Ratilff have all been hurt at various points, and anything this team does still gets pinned on Romo’s shoulder, like it will if they loose next week.  It truely is time for Romo to Sh*t or get off the proverbial pot.

-Two points from games that didn’t matter on Sunday– so apparently Tim Tebow told the Jets he wasn’t going to play in any Wildcat sets this week, this after it was reported he was going to find his way onto the Jaguars by the start of next season.  Its funny, if this was anybody else, everybody would be crying “unprofessional”, but when you look at how he was handled by the Jets this year, and maybe its just me but I almost understand.  They didn’t think to give him a chance at the QB position, its been made clear he probably isn’t coming back, why get injured and risk harm to his future?  The Jets don’t care about his, doesn’t mean he can’t start.  And in the Panthers 17-6 victory over the Raiders, apparently Oakland defender Tommy Kelly admitted his team was trying to take out Cam Newton after Carson Palmer was injured on a sack.  And Newton apparently bumped a referee.  Fun stuff from games that don’t matter.

Happy Holdays and Merry Christmas Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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