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Owners You Either Love Em or Hate Em - This Is Sports Zone

With the recent passing of the Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss I got to thinking about how as fans we either love our teams’ owner or hate them. As an owner you ride a very fine line on an every day basis with your fans. One wrong move and you’re the devil but if you get your decisions right your fans love you whole heartedly. Not all owners are in the public spotlight like a Jerry Buss or a Jerry Jones some such as the Rooney family in Pittsburg or the Mara family in New York prefer to stay in the background and let their hired help do the work related to the sport. Based on the type of fan you are you prefer one or the other but I’ll tell you one thing, the teams with the quiet owners seem to be much more successful with the late Jerry Buss being an exception.

As a fan I can’t stand owners that put themselves as the face of the franchise for example Jerry Jones in Dallas. It’s one thing to make sure people know you’re the owner it’s a whole different thing when you take credit for the success yet none of the failures. Jerry Jones is known best for his ability to pass blame and take credit which is why in my opinion the Cowboys only have 1 playoff win in over 16 years but on the other hand you have Jerry Buss. Jerry Buss owned his good and bad times as Lakers owner but most importantly he brought in people to do the job while he worried about making the name bigger and not controlling the team itself. Jerry Buss helped create the Laker girls and raised the value of the Lakers from 16 million dollars to over 1 billion dollars. He did this by bringing in great coaches and not hesitating on spending money on great players. As a fan you loved Jerry Buss because in his 34 years as an owner the Lakers made the finals 16 times and won it 10 times which is awesome if you’re a Lakers fan. Bottom line is that a great owner is one who owns the team and doesn’t try to control all fascist of the team.

What kind of fan are you? Do you prefer an owner like a Jerry Jones or an owner such as the Rooney’s, Mara’s and of course the late Jerry Buss? When you think of the teams you root for do you like or dislike your owner? I’ll tell you one thing if you don’t think your owner affects what kind of team you have and how they perform on the field or court then your crazy! Just like any big business which is what sports teams have become the performance is based on the top just as much as the bottom. Great businesses have great CEO’s that bring in a great board of directors and so on and so forth. Great owners bring in great GM’s and so on and so forth. In other words your owner is just as important as your quarterback, point guard, goalie or pitcher. Do you agree? Disagree? Leave your comments below or join me on SportsZone on ClubZone.fm or the clubzone.fm app every Monday through Friday from 10am-12pm eastern (US) and voice your opinion live on air.

By: David Hastings

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