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New York Jets Training Camp Notes - This Is Sports Zone

jkjhSack attack in New York: The New York Jets, one of the most dominant defenses the first few seasons under head coach Rex Ryan, have repeatedly had trouble getting to the quarterback the last couple years. They’ve made changes in recent years to apply more pressure on opposing teams signal-callers. With the development of players like Muhammad Wilkerson, Damon Harrison, and Quinton Coples they have also added solid pieces to apply pressure on other teams by drafting guys like Sheldon Richardson and signing players like Antwan Barnes. They added more depth in the last week by signing veteran OLB Jason Babin, who in 2011 had 18 sacks with the Eagles, to a two-year deal with a second year team option. Babin should fill in as a situational pass-rusher and if anyone can get what’s left in Babin’s tank out of him, it would be Rex Ryan and defensive line coach Karl Dunbar.

Dee MillinerBest Corner in the league?:  Dee Milliner’s rookie season left a lot to be desired; he struggled to stay healthy, was beaten pretty badly during some games, and benched three different times.  So it was surprising to hear him tell the Daily News that he thinks he’s the best cornerback in a league with Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson.  This in a year where he is now the No 1 corner, without the security blanket of a guy like Antonio Cromartie at the position anymore.  For the Jets, Milliner is now their top option, and that comes with big responsibility and expectation. In recent years, the Jets had some of the most dominant cornerback tandems in the league, with Darrelle Revis and Cromartie, leaving big shoes to fill.  However, Milliner turned it on towards the end of last season, picking off three passes in the last two games of the season and also looking better in coverage, winning Defensive Rookie of The Month for December.  In his lone season Milliner looked nothing like a No 1 corner, let alone the best in the league.  A bold statement like the one he made needs to be backed up on field. Keep quiet and play rookie, and go prove that statement to be true.

-958e07f9edde8aecJets on Pace for another solid defensive season:  Calvin Pace, a veteran linebacker on the New York Jets went out and made his own bold statement, as he claimed that the Jets would have the best defense in the league in this upcoming season. Given the nature of the team, and the play of the defense in recent years it’s a little bit of a reach, but not unattainable. Last season, the Jets had a top-three ranked rushing defense in the league, with just under 90 yards a game.  In the last 3 seasons, they have had a total defense that AT LEAST ranked in the top 10. If the Jets cornerbacks can prove to be sturdy and efficient for the Jets; Pace’s prediction might not be that far off.  Muhammed Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson and Damon Harrison will continue to hold the line down and stuff pretty much anyone who comes out of the backfield.  It’s the corners who will have to live up to expectations for the Jets to produce.  With the addition of Babin and a young defensive line group who continues to develop, we should see the Jets apply more pressure and that should help the pass defense as well.  But in the end it’s going to be on the shoulders of the corners, and we’re looking at you, Mr. Milliner.

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