As we head into the last few hours before baseball’s non-waiver trade deadline, we look back on the activity of the last 24 hours, and give our Trade Grades for all:

Cleveland Indians trade P Justin Masterson to the St Louis Cardinals for prospect OF James Ramsey

Indians– B

masMasterson had rejected Cleveland’s efforts to resign him before the season started, and he hasn’t looked like the same pitcher he was in 2013, when he looked like he was turning a corner in his career. Ramsey becomes the fifth best prospect in the Indians farm system, and he has shown that can hit for average and has developing power. To obtain a piece that can help the team out in 2015 in exchange for what is basically a two month rental is a solid return for a team that is not competing with the Tigers in the AL Central.

Cardinals– C+

St Louis chose not to trade for Jon Lester, David Price, or Cole Hamels and go the route that cost the least. The got to keep all their young pitching and stud outfielder Oscar Taveres, while still adding a reinforcement to a pitching staff that has been hurt by injuries, and could be facing innings limits on Shelby Miller and Carlos Martinez as we near September. While Dave Duncan is long gone, the Cardinals are banking on their ability to fix veteran pitchers, as they have done in the past with Kyle Lohse and others, but Masterson is going to have to drastically improve to prove that the Cards shouldn’t have gone a different direction rather than a cost-effective path.

In two trades; Boston Red Sox trade P Felix Doubront to Chicago Cubs for PTBNL; trade P Jon Lester and OF Jonny Gomes to the Oakland A’s for OF Yeonis Cespedes and 2014 Competitive Balance B pick

Red Sox– B

feBoston didn’t want to trade Doubrount, who is having a disappointing year after a strong 2013 showing. But he was demoted recently, and showed his dissatisfaction in the media earlier this week, stating he wanted a trade to a team he could start for, and had a questionable ineffective relief outing after that. This was a dump to get rid of a possibly negative locker room influence. Trading the soon-to-be-free agent Lester and the ineffective Gomes for Cespedes, one of the best defensive outfielders in the game with a powerful bat, who is under team control next season, can turn into a major coup for a team that has had such disappointing outfield play this year, as youngsters like Jackie Bradley, Jr. and Mookie Betts have proven to no be ready for the spotlight at the moment.

Cubs– A-

The Cubs lucked into this trade, as Doubrount was chosen by the team of Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer when they were with the Red Sox, so they are very familiar with him, and they are hoping they have the same luck they have had with Jake Arrieta, who been one of the few reliable starters for Chicago since they traded Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel. To get a possible #3 or #4th starter for nothing is a steal, as Doubront should benefit from moving out of the AL East to the NL Central.

hi-res-8caa7e9a00a725c7dfda8ef87fe155b6_crop_northA’s– B

Oakland can never have enough pitching, and Cespedes was rumored to have annoying the front office recently, but to trade one of the most talented outfield defenders in the game, and one of the main offensive cogs in their lineup for a two month rental and a dramatic downgrade in Gomes is probably too much. Hammel has struggled since he was acquired, but they might regret simply not showing more faith in their own young starters, like Tommy Milone and Jesse Chavez, and trading such an important part of their offense.

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