It’s certainly unfair for both players to be asked about their relationship with each other by the media in every press conference they hold. When Tiger was asked if their differences were reconcilable, he had a very simple answer, “no”. It was somewhat cocky and meant for humor, and it was received with chuckles from the audience and a half smirk from Tiger himself. Of course you can leave it to Sergio to be the one to step over the line and out of a bounds in this whole debacle. It should have never even happened in the first place, as Sergio is such an unlikable whiner and complainer. Tiger is the best, most recognizable, and most popular golfer in the world. He gets a round of applause for simply smiling and tipping his cap. Sergio is not the first golfer who has been paired with him, who has needed to deal with the constant applause that comes with Tiger Woods. He is, however, one of the first to publically b*tch about it. Tiger has taken the high road the entire time — simply stating that he’s not going to just kiss and make up with Sergio. Garcia has tried step by step to bring more attention to himself, because even as the #14 ranked golfer in the world, he really hasn’t done a whole lot on the course during his career —- with 8 career PGA tournament wins (in 251 events) and ZERO majors (in 58 events). He’s more known for his “spitting” incident back in 2007 than he is for any actual golf accomplishments. All he needed to do when unfairly asked about Tiger once again, was try to deflect the question as best as possible so that the media gets bored with trying and moves on, instead of continuing to instigate as it’s been doing. But no, even at age 33, after 14 years on the tour — he remains as immature as he’s been in the past and at times a major scumbag. His “apology” press conference is scheduled to air on ESPN in 15 minutes —- a speech that is undoubtedly being made in order to save his endorsements and money. Way to go.

By: Mike Kanouse

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