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College Football Week Three Roundup - This Is Sports Zone

Week three saw some interesting results across the college football landscape. Some big wins by up and coming teams, and some losses from teams that had big wins last week. I’ll start with the heartbreak first.

imagesY6YM198OPenn State 13 Rutgers 10

This game was dominated by the Rutgers defense for 58 minutes of the game. This would have been a rout if not for Gary Nova throwing five interceptions. I repeat– a Division I quarterback threw five interceptions, and Rutgers only lost by three. Penn State’s offensive line was a joke all game, and it showed with Christian Hackenberg running for his life, yet they sustained enough protection to score the winning touchdown. This game will be remembered as the first game for Rutgers in the Big 10 and they harped all week about making a great first impression. The impression they made was that they will need to recruit better quarterbacks, and those that can complete passes to people on his own team. The crazy part is that this is a down year in the conference, and if Rutgers would have won this game, they would have been set up to have a shot to win the Big 10 east division. Now they will hope to be lucky enough to be bowl eligible.

East Carolina 28 Virginia Tech 21

The difference between good teams and bad teams are these type games. East Carolina dominated throughout and eked out a victory against a superior team. Virginia Tech was coming off a victory against Ohio State and should have taken care of business against an inferior non-conference opponent. Instead they showed that they were a bad to mediocre team that was exposed against a tough team. Luckily for Virginia Tech this was a non-conference game and not an ACC game. Don’t you worry though, they will find a way to lose to an inferior team there too.

scgoSouth Carolina 38 Georgia 35

This game boils down to Steve Spurrier having the guts we all wish we had. With a fourth-and-one call to win the game, he went for it and got the first down by less than a quarter of an inch. In the best game of the day, Georgia competed but was hurt by not giving the ball more to Todd Gurley, a consensus top five Heisman candidate. I get the logic from Mark Richt on saving his legs for the end of game, but he should be used as a work horse back. South Carolina saved its season with a victory and it would have been nearly impossible to win the SEC East if they would have lost, and gone 0-2 in the SEC. It will now be interesting as the weeks go by to see what team will emerge from the East, as Florida has yet to play a conference game.

Boston College 37 USC 31

Talk about scheduling a game you thought you would dominate the day, and then realizing what a mistake it was to agree to fly cross-country against a run heavy offense. USC found out the hard way, when they lost to a middle of the road ACC team. Boston College rushed for 452 yards and that’s all she wrote. It was a close game but to think that a non-option offense could run for that many yards is a concern for USC. How does a team go from holding a run heavy offense in Stanford to letting a team almost go for 500!

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