I believe that we will win.

Get used to that chant folks because it will drive you crazy for the next month.

The US Men’s soccer team embarks on a quest to make some noise in this year’s World Cup with minimal fanfare at best. Not many folks seem to be interested in Soccer, but if the US Men’s team wins its first game against Ghana, you will not stop hearing about how Soccer is taking over this country!

Jürgen Klinsmann (head coach) brings a European approach to the national team and that alone should help in the training aspect of this team. Most countries have the luxury of having their best players play in the best soccer league in the world (English Premier League). Unfortunately, only a select few have had that opportunity. Yes, there are a significant amount of players from the MLS, but let’s be honest, at best it’s the equivalent of Triple A in baseball. How can a group of players who play in the MLS compete against the Ronaldo’s and the Messi’s? Luckily, Klinsmann had a plan.
The secret weapon that Klinsmann has employed is targeting players who hold dual citizens with the US. You’d be surprised how many players who play and live in Europe were actually born in the US. Aron Johansson (Dual citizenship with Iceland) will be a key contributor if the US makes it into the knockout stage. Julian Green (Dual citizenship with Germany) is an 18 year old prodigy that will most likely come in for a change of pace. Even if the US Men’s team struggles to get out of the group stage, they are going to have a bright future with a player like Julian Green who plays for the top team in Germany and 2013 Champions League winner Bayern Munich. These are the type of top flight European players that can compete against the world’s best.

There was much controversy about Landon Donovan not being on the World Cup roster. He is one of the greatest US men’s soccer players to ever play but, where did that get the US in past World Cups? Klinsmann is taking the approach of taking the best 23 players to Brazil with the end goal of winning a World Cup. If Donovan will not help in the effort, he does not deserve to be on the team. To be fair, that is all based on opinion as Donovan still appears to be a difference maker. But if you are going to start changing the culture of the US soccer team, not having Donovan on team pushes across that message. I believe that we will win! Let’s hope that chant becomes reality.

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