In the pass two days I have watched and listened to sports analyst, fans and others rip on Colin Kaepernick for wearing a Miami Dolphins hat. Things then escalated once he posted a picture of him with the hat on instagram using the hash-tag #y’allmustbebored! This just made 49ers fans even more mad and added fuel to the fire in the sports talk world but it all comes down to one thing in my mind, IT’S JUST A HAT! Kaepernick openly admits he owns numerous different hats with different teams and there is nothing wrong with that. There is also nothing wrong with wearing a hat to match what you’re wearing for that day especially when your on the beach on 4th of July weekend. Fan is short for fanatic and I’m just as much of one as any other person but I would never rip on a player for wearing the hat of another team especially a team in a different conference that has no chance of stopping my team from making the year a good year. I would understand more if he was wearing a Seattle Seahawks hat or a Russell Wilson jersey but he’s not he’s wearing the hat of a team that won’t even make the playoffs this year. I could also understand fans being mad if he was a let down type of player or demanding a trade out of San Fran but this man literally just helped lead this team to the Super Bowl after only starting 10 games (including the Super Bowl). Kaepernick is 25 years old, started training a week after losing the Super Bowl and oh yea he also is a hell of young quarterback! 49er fans and everyone else get over it Kaepernick is a 49er until as he said “until they won’t let me in the building!” He is still a kid and he likes hats and that’s all this is so get over it! Who cares it’s just a hat!!!

By: David Hastings
Twitter: @davidhastings @SportsZoneCZ
Instagram: SportsZoneCZ

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  1. John says:

    The hat industry has boomed since the mid 90’s, it’s now just another part of fashion. Colors, styles, brands, types…. a hat used to be just a hat.

    Alex Smith was asked by the 49’s to stop wearing is SF Giants hat because his team doesn’t have a deal with New Era, Tom Brady got blasted by Pats fans for wearing a Yankee hat (in NY).

    I wear a hat to show my team allegiance, not fashion. To each their own…. really people. Good job bro.

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