Though the NFL season is only two weeks in there are certain things that are obvious year and year out about the NFL. Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are all really good. The Seahawks have the best home field advantage in the NFL, the Jaguars are just a bad team and the Dallas Cowboys are still the same old team under Jason Garrett. The Cowboys through the first two weeks are 1-1 with both games being decided by less then seven points. Since Jason Garrett took over in Dallas the Cowboys have played in more games decided by seven points or less then any other team in the NFL. Since week 10 of the 2010 season (Garrett’s first game as head coach) the Cowboys have played in 29 games decided by 7 points or less and are 15-14 in those games including this years 1-1 start. No surprise that the Cowboys are 22-20 under Garrett since week 10 of 2010. They are team with above average talent but below average performance which makes it easy to understand why they are no more then an average team in the NFL. In the first two games of this year it’s already quite obvious that this years Cowboys are still the same old Cowboys. They struggle running the ball, they’re to pass happy and there defense still gives up big plays when it can’t afford to but more importantly this team still hasn’t figured out how to put together a complete game! In week one against the Giants the defense forced six turnovers but the offense struggled moving the ball and kept the Giants in the game the whole time and Dallas luckily escaped with a 36-31 win. In Sunday’s game against the Chiefs the defense managed to hold the Chiefs to only 17 points but couldn’t get off the field on key third downs and then couldn’t stop the Chiefs from getting first downs and running out the clock on the final drive of the game. More importantly once again the offense couldn’t run the ball and the play calling once again was questionable in many important situations! This year the Cowboys were supposed to run the ball more and be a more efficient offense and I’ve seen neither through two games. The only bright side for the Cowboys so far this year is the defense looks better then last year but lets be honest not by much! Cowboy fans I hate to say this but get ready for another long year of tight games with some exciting wins and some heartbreaking losses because ladies and gentlemen it’s Still the Same Old Cowboys!

By: David Hastings
@davidhastings23 @WeAreSportsZone

Since Jason Garrett took over 13 games decided by 8 or more points, 7-6 in those games. 42 total games for Garrett, 29 games decided by 7 points or less and Dallas is 15-14 in those games including 1-1 this year.

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