Tonight kicks off the official pre-season schedule for the NFL with six different games.  You have numerous potential Super Bowl matches playing tonight including the New Orleans Saints at the New England Patriots, the Pittsburg Steelers at the Philadelphia Eagles and the Denver Broncos at the Chicago Bears.  There will also be a chance to see some new faces in different places including Mario Williams playing with the Buffalo Bills and the new era in Washingtonwith Robert GriffenIII  debuting with the Redskins.  We also will get to see the top quarterbacks from the 2008 draft Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco who many expect to lead their teams on deep playoff runs this year.  Lastly we get to watch to of the most talented rosters play each other with the Green Bay Packers at the San Diego Chargers.  I’d say there is a whole lot to look at tonight whether you’re a fan of one of these teams or just a big fantasy football fan!

Now I would have to be willing to write a short story to discuss everything you can watch for tonight so I’m just going to name a few things.  First of all I think the Patriots and Saints game is to easy, the 1st teams will come out, go down the field and score some kind of points but I will say pay attention to the Patriots defense throughout the game considering they dedicated their entire 2012 draft to defense and these young players will play the majority of the game.  In the Steelers vs. Eagles game I would pay attention to the running back battle in Pittsburg considering Rashard Mendenhall is most likely out for the season with a torn ACL.  If you’re paying attention to the Eagles I would look for two things, the emotional strength of head coach Andy Reid and who comes out as the Eagles number three wide receiver behind Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson.  Obviously if you’re watching the Redskins vs. Bills game you’re watching RG3 but forWashington I would also watch who comes out as their number one wide receiver, Pierre Garcon or Santana Moss.  ForBuffalo I would be watching for who steps up on the opposite side of Stevie Johnson.  With the Broncos vs. Bears game we all obviously will be watching how Peyton Manning looks for Denver but the real question is who becomes his favorite target, the guy he trusts when a big play is needed.  InChicago I would be paying attention to who steps up as the number two wide receiver opposite Brandon Marshall, is it Earl Bennett or Devin Hester?  When watching the Ravens play the Falcons I would look for who steps up asBaltimore’s pass rushers and forAtlanta I would look for who turns into Michael Turners back-up.  Lastly we have the Packers playing the Chargers and honestly withSan Diego I’m wondering what Phillip Rivers we are going to see this year, the 20 plus picks or the over 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns guy.  In Green Bay who steps up as their starting running back, James Starks or one of the rookies on the roster.

Obviously I could go on and on with this but I think outside of what I mentioned you should look at things you’re curious about for your team.  I know there are so many other things to look at considering different position battles and new coaching philosophies being installed like in Pittsburg with new offensive coordinator Todd Haley.  You have a whole load of rookies and free agents that are new to their team and are trying to find a roster spot.  There is almost to much to write about so I hope that I helped on giving you things to look for tonight and we will be recapping the games tomorrow on SportsZone from 10am-12pm eastern on


By: David Hastings

Twitter: @davidhastings23


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