Rex Ryan has asked Jets fans to give Mark Sanchez a break after he was booed at the Jets Green vs. White scrimmage on Saturday hoping that fans would move on from last years bad season and be 100 percent behind the team and Sanchez this year. Problem is Rex it’s not just about last year or even the year before that it’s about the past 40 plus years of no Super Bowls and barely any playoff appearances. In my opinion the Jets fans don’t need to give Sanchez or Ryan a break it’s actually the other way around! The Jets as an organization including Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez need to give their fans a break from mediocrity! Especially Sanchez who in the last two years alone has thrown 36 interceptions compared to 39 touchdowns and has also fumbled the ball 13 times including the infamous “butt fumble”. Sanchez has consistently made stupid mistakes, missed open wide receivers and most importantly lost games. Now football is not just about offense and that’s where Rex Ryan and his defense come in. Now they have ranked in the top 10 in total defense the last two years but have looked worse then that in the important moments. Rex Ryan and his defense have done alright in the last two years but no where near that dominate defense we watched in his first two years as head coach. Bottom line is Ryan and Sanchez owe a break to Jets fans not the other way around! Lastly I want to point out that the front office and decision makers especially Woody Johnson owe Jets fans a break. The Jets organization has continued to let their team get worse personnel wise instead of better. Their offensive line, running backs, wide receivers and defensive depth have only gotten worse since Ryan took over as head coach not better. The main point to me is that instead of asking fans to give a break to the team the team should start performing better and making better decisions to give a break to their fans. I understand Ryan has a tattoo of Sanchez and that’s for life but the union between the Jets and their fans is a delicate relationship that isn’t permanent! All I’m trying to say is that Sanchez doesn’t need a break but the Jets fans do!

By: David Hastings

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