After a heartbreaking loss to the Detroit Lions the Dallas Cowboys had a lowly 1-6 Minnesota Vikings team coming to Dallas in what should have been an easy win type of game. But the Dallas Cowboys are the Dallas Cowboys and they play to the level of their competition instead of playing to their talent level. This was apparent from the get go when Minnesota in the first quarter was able to move the ball easily down the field but only put three points up thanks to a huge stand by the Cowboys defense on 4th and short. The Cowboys defense showed some glimpses of being good including that 4th down stop as well as an interception and a forced fumble that was recovered in the end zone for a touchdown. The problem is Dallas doesn’t know how to keep a team down once they’ve knocked them down. After the sack-fumble-touchdown Minnesota responded with a long touchdown drive that ended with a touchdown catch by Kyle Rudolph. The Vikings just refused to go away and played with passion and the Cowboys almost blew this game. If it wasn’t for a missed extra point by Vikings kicker Blaire Walsh I think the Vikings momentum would have won this game for them. Now on the next possession Tony Romo threw an interception and as a Cowboys fan I felt that there went the game and here comes another below 500 record and more Tony Romo sucks talk! But the defense stood strong and forced a punt giving Dallas the ball with 2:44 left on the clock. Myself as I’m sure most other Cowboys fans felt that it’s a long shot to win but the Cowboys should be able to get within field goal range and force overtime. At the same time though you’re also waiting for another costly mistake while saying to yourself I can’t believe the Cowboys are even in this position against the Vikings. But they were and Romo didn’t make a mistake instead he led the Cowboys on 79 yard game winning drive. Romo found Dwayne Harris for a seven yard touchdown that gave Dallas the win for good. On the drive Romo went 7-9 for 79 yards and the touchdown to win the game. The win put Dallas at 5-4 for the year and on a Sunday where the Redskins and Eagles both won the Cowboys really needed this one. Let’s also not forget that coming into the game the Vikings were 1-6 and honestly had no right to be in this game if you looked at it on paper. This was Romo’s 10th game winning or tying drive since 2011 which ties him for most in the league since then but most importantly Tony Romo saved the Cowboys from and embarrassing loss!

By: David Hastings
@davidhastings23 @WeAreSportsZone

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