Before we get back to Week 14 of the NFL, of course something big happened in baseball not even 20 minutes after I printed my MLB thoughts, The Royals went out and traded four prospects, including the much- ballyhooed uber-prospect Wil Myers and top pitching prospect Jake Odorizzi to the Rays for the front line starter they wanted in James Shields, plus 27-year old Wade Davis, who can start and relieve.  The Royals also gave up another arm, Mike Montgomery, who could still wind up turning into the stud he was expected to be two years ago.

I give it up to the Rays for snagging three quality young players for a guy in Shields they’ve been wanting to trade for a while.  Now they got a guy who should be their center fielder for the next decade, and two guys who could wind up filling out their rotation, with David Price, Jeremy Helickson, Matt Moore, which could wind up one of the best rotations in the majors in my opinion.  I think the Royals might have shorted- themselves on this one though.  Even with Shields, Davis isn’t really proven, and the rest of their rotation is Ervin Santana, Jeremy Guthrie and Bruce Chen.  They needed more than one top starter, and they just gave up three of their top 10 trading chips acquiring one 32 year old pitcher.

Meanwhile Mark Reynolds just signed with the Indians for one year six million dollars.  Gotta wonder if that means Kevin Youkilis goes to the Yankees now, as the Indians were really the only other team reportedly interest in him.  Now to football.

-Of course, for the second weekend in a row, the big story was an off- field tradegy, as Cowboys practice squad LB Jerry Brown was killed in a car accident when the driver, teammate Josh Brent, drove drunk and ran the car off the road Saturday morning, causing the car to flip over and catch on fire.  Brent has been charged with Intoxication Manslaughter, and is probably facing jailtime.  I’ll be honest, any die-hard NFL fan knows by now that ALL NFL teams provide car services for their players so they don’t have to drive in these situations.  It really would be nice if the players remembered that, and I find it hard to forgive those who forget that, given how much the organization tells them that on a regular basis- and that’s EVERY organization, folks.  This is also comes the weekend the police released video of Jovan Belcher, who was apparently stopped by police in front of his girlfriend’s house hours before the grizzly murder.  I just hope this trend stops, before something else happens the third straight weekend.

-We’ll do a quick look at the NFL Playoff Picture; Obviously Houston and Denver have the top Two spots in the AFC, but the Patriots can make that interesting if they beat the Texans tonight as they own the head- to- head tiebreaker with the Broncos.  The Ravens lost yesterday in a close on to the Redskins, but luckily so did the Steelers (who were destroyed by the hapless Chargers) and the Bengals (who led the majority of the game but lost on a last second field goal by Dan Bailey), so the Ravens hold onto their two game division lead.  The Colts have all but locked up up the first Wild Card spot with a 9-4 record after beating the Titans yesterday (good for them, great story, said it all along).  The battle for the final AFC spot should come down to the Steelers and Bengals, each 7-6, making their Week 16 showdown pivotal to both, as the Steelers currently hold the tiebreaker.  Anybody thinking the Jets have a shot–Just let it go. Its not happening.  Maybe they get past the Titans, but they will lose one of their final two to either the Chargers or the Bills, no way they win all three games.

-We move to the NFC, and the big news is in the Central, where the Packers come from behind win against the Lions, along with Chicago loss to the Vikings gives the Cheeseheads the current division lead, pushing the Bears into a tie with the Seahawks for the top Wild Card spot.  The only thing certain here in terms of seeding are the Falcons have to top spot.  The Niners have a small lead for the 2nd spot, but the Packers are coming on strong, and the Giants maintaining their one-game division lead (Thanks to DSavid Wilson’s three touchdown- 327 total yard performance). The Redskins could make it an interesting race if RG3’s ok, and the Vikings are technically still alive thanks to Adrian Peterson’s mammoth season, but even though Dallas won yesterday, they still face the Steelers next week.  So I think the six NFC teams are already determined, but the seeding could change over the next few weeks.

-Enjoy the Monday Night Battle Folks!!!!

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