Yesterday May 29th 2012 Terrell Owens was released from the Indoor Football League team the Allen Wranglers.  The biggest surprise about this is that TO was also a part owner of the team and was still let go!  Owner Jon Frankel said “It’s disappointing and unfortunate, but he could no longer be tolerated by the Wrangler organization.”  Over the past few days and weeks there have been numerous instances where TO has let the team and fans down and apparently enough was enough.  Fans have commented about his lack of effort on and off the field, he has refused to play in two different games that have an impact on the Wranglers playoff chances and the straw that broke the camels back was his no show at a scheduled event at a local children’s hospital.  I think it is officially fare to say that TO was the problem and always has been the problem throughout his career.  He may be the biggest name to play indoor football and the only guy to own part of the team he played for and still get cut.  This was his shot to show NFL teams he was still worth signing and now they all know that even with age he hasn’t got any sweeter.  TO likes the drama hence why his reality TV show did well but not the tail end of his career considering his talent level is no longer worth the stress.  It’s safe to say that “The Popcorn Is No Longer Ready” and TO’s NFL career may truly be over!  Do you think TO is done in the NFL?  What team would be a good fit for him?  Do you have any respect for TO anymore after he missed the event at the childrens hospital?  Let me know what you think below and don’t forget to always check out SportsZone on the tunein radio app (search clubzone) and on from 12-2pm eastern every Monday through Friday!!!  You can also call in and voice your opinion at 201-430-2119.

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