On Sunday, the growing trend of fans flying taunting banners’ over their favorite football team’s rival’s camps took a tragic turn as a plane chartered by a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles crashed as it attempted to fly a banner over the training camp of the Dallas Cowboys, killing the pilot. The plan was in response to fans of the Dallas Cowboys, who flew a banner over Eagles’ camp Sunday that read “WE STILL DEM BOYZ! #SACKSCOMIN!”, which was funded by Go Fund Me, and had Cowboys’ linebacker Greg Hardy as a contributor of a reported $300.

According to reports by NJ.com and Foxnews.com:

One person was killed Sunday when a single-engine plane crashed and burned during takeoff at Compton-Woodley Airport.

The plane, towing a banner (alleged to say “We Got DeMarco”), crashed at about 12:30 p.m. on a runway at the county-owned airport in the 900 block of West Alondra Boulevard, about two miles southwest of Compton’s central business district. Images from the scene showed the plane on fire, sending thick smoke over the airport.

An Eagle fan known as @TheMightyEROCK, who had been live tweeting a countdown to the plane’s flight over Cowboys camp in Oxnard, California, and had also declared that he had arranged the flight, plane, and banner, broke the news through a series of tweets:

There will be no plane today. There has been an accident at the airport. I can’t get into details right now. They just called.

I’ll find the pilots name. Whatever money was raised will go to his family. I’m going to step away for a while….beyond devastated.

Guys…I don’t know how to say this. Right now I’m weak in the knees, give me some time to work this out. There will be no plane.

You guys should hear from me. It’s was my thing. http://t.co/zfZOZHuYem

While there has been no official confirmation that the plane that crashed in California is connected with the banner planned to be flown over the Cowboys training camp, a source with knowledge of the incident informed NJ Advance Media that it was, in fact, the plane funded by Eagles fans that crashed.

The source requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the incident.

This trend started last year when fans of the New York Jets organized and chartered a plan to fly a “Fire Idzik” banner over Jets’ practice during their disappointing season, and continued into this preseason with fans flying a banner of “Cheaters” over Patriots camp.
Both the Cowboys’ fans and the Eagles fans had raised the funds through the Go Fund Me website, but obviously no one thought such tragedy was possible, especially over what was supposed to be a little harmless fun.

UPDATE: The plane that crashed was not actually the one carrying the Eagles’ banner, that plane was actually not able to take off because a plane carrying a Bud Light banner crashed during take off.

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