Another crazy week in the NFL and another NFL Power Rankings here on This Is SportsZone. Let’s be honest we all know the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are the two best teams so far and when deciding who took the number one spot I went based on who would have a better chance of winning on the other teams home field. Leave any comments you have below!

David Hastings:
1. Seattle Seahawks (Between them and the Broncos I feel their team just travels better)
2. Denver Broncos (The only thing I think this team can’t do is win in Seattle)
3. Chicago Bears (Outside the Seahawks they are the most consistent team in the NFC)
4. New England Patriots (Even without their best offensive weapons they keep winning)
5. New Orleans Saints (Top 10 offense is no surprise but their top 10 defense is a major surprise)
6. Kansas City Chiefs (Still haven’t beaten a really good team so I can’t put them higher)
7. Cincinnati Bengals (Have yet to put together a complete game but potential alone puts them as a top 10 team)
8. Houston Texans (Have struggled this year on defense but you have to believe Wade Phillips will get that fixed)
9. Miami Dolphins (3-0 maybe should be higher but come on it’s the Dolphins)
10. Indianapolis Colts (After beating San Fran this is their first appearance in my power rankings)

Erich Treslar:
1. Denver Broncos
2. Seattle Seahawks
3. New Orleans Saints
4. Chicago Bears
5. New England Patriots
6. Miami Dolphins
7. Kansas City Chiefs
8. Houston Texans
9. Indianapolis Colts
10. Cincinnati Bengals

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