1. 49ers (I just feel they are the most complete team top to bottom)
2. Seahawks( Maybe if Percy Harvin was healthy they’d be number 1 but they need that playmaker)
3. Broncos (If it wasn’t for the suspension of Von Miller, the loss of Elvis Dumervil and an injured Champ Bailey they’d be higher on the list)
4. Falcons (Their defensive front four is my biggest question mark for this team)
5. Texans (An injured Ed Reed and I just don’t think their better then the other four teams ahead of them)
6. Packers (An inconsistent run game and offensive line stops them from being a Top 5 team)
7. Bengals (Have all the pieces to be ranked higher but need to put it all together)
8. Patriots (No TE’s, no WR’s and a young defense makes them hard to put higher)
9. Redskins (RG3 hasn’t played in months and their defense is still suspect)
10. Saints (Their offense is Top 5 but their defense is near the bottom of the league especially without Will Smith and Johnathan Vilma)

By: David Hastings
@davidhastings23 @WeAreSportsZone

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