For the second straight Super Bowl, the NFL will be investigating one of its marquee players, this time under entirely different circumstances. While Deflategate overtook the lead up to Super Bowl 49, this year’s investigation doesn’t bring nearly as much drama, even though the allegation itself might be much worse if anyone believed it was true. On Wednesday, the NFL announced it is conducting a comprehensive review of allegations that Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning had human growth hormone delivered to his house. There’s no timetable to complete the investigation, but it’s not expected before Denver plays Carolina in the Super Bowl on Feb. 7.

League spokesman Brian McCarthy says the inquiry, which began weeks ago, involves reviews of records, interviews and coordination with other agencies. This comes after Al Jazeera reported last month that an intern at an Indianapolis anti-aging clinic was secretly recorded suggesting that Manning’s wife received deliveries of HGH, which is banned by the league. Manning, then with the Colts, was rehabbing from shoulder surgeries. The intern, Charles Sly, has since recanted his story. Manning angrily denied using performance-enhancing substances and called the report “complete garbage.”

This investigation comes as MLB has joined with the US Anti-Doping Agency in launching their own inquiry into the accusations levied in the Al Jazeera report, which included Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Howard on the baseball side, and Clay Matthews among several football players mentioned besides Manning. There are conflicting reports as to whether the NFL has joined this investigation, as ESPN’s TJ Quinn has reported that they have declined the USADA’s invitation to conduct a joint inquiry, while NFL spokesman Greg Aiello claims that the two sides have worked together from the start. They traded tweets denying the others claims Wednesday afternoon, with Quinn getting in the final word so far.

While the timing may be similar, so far no evidence has contradicted Manning’s vehement denials thus far, and with Al Jazeera announcing that their US channel, which conducted the initial report, will be ceasing operations in the coming months, the original accusers seem unlikely to present any new items that would support their claim.

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