The league has announced the 33 additional compensatory picks dished out to 13 teams for the 2016 NFL draft, and four teams have been awarded third-round picks. The Detroit Lions, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos have been given selections at the end of Round 3 for their net losses in free agency a year ago. The Lions will pick 95th overall, followed by the Patriots, Seahawks and Broncos at Nos. 96-98.

6a00f460-e7c1-11e5-b355-87905739bcb1_Screen-Shot-2016-03-11-at-1-33-57-PMCurrently, the picks start at No. 95 because the Patriots were docked their first-round pick because of deflate-gate, and the Kansas City Chiefs currently are slated to lose their third-rounder, pending an appeal, because of tampering charges by the league. The Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers and Patriots have the most 2016 compensatory picks with four apiece.

Picks are issued when teams lose more free agents than they sign and when the NFL Management Council deems that the net loss is greater than what was signed by those teams, determined by salary and performance. The other 30 selections were distributed to teams between Rounds 4 and 6, with no seventh-round compensatory picks as in years past. For example, the Lions lost four free agents in 2015 — Kellen Davis, Nick Fairley, Garrett Reynolds, Ndamukong Suh — and signed only one, Josh Wilson. That earned them third- and sixth-round selections. The exact formula to determine what teams earn for what losses is shrouded in mystery, really, and is not made public.

Compensatory picks may not be traded this year. A rule change approved by clubs in 2015 will permit compensatory draft picks to be traded beginning in 2017.The 2016 draft will be held April 28-30 in Chicago. Since the compensatory-pick system began in 1994, the Baltimore Ravens have had the most by far with 47, followed by the Cowboys (37), Green Bay Packers (37) and Patriots (33). The Cleveland Browns have only made nine compensatory picks in their history but will have three additional picks this year.

The most famous compensatory pick ever is Tom Brady in 2000 at No. 199 overall. But other players under Hall of Fame consideration — Brian Dawkins, Larry Allen and Hines Ward — also were compensatory picks. In more recent years, Josh Sitton, Marques Colston, Pierre Garcon and Malcolm Smith, the MVP of Super Bowl XVIII, all were compensatory selections. Michael Sam also was a pretty well-known compensatory pick of note back in 2014 even if his NFL career never really took off.

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