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New York Mets- Buyers or Sellers? - This Is Sports Zone

Let’s face it, the New York Mets haven’t been good this year. But at six games under .500, 5.5 games out of the division and 6.5 out of a Wild Card spot, depending on how one looks at it, the season could still in a bunch of different directions. As the trading deadline approaches, assuming the Mets decide to explore trade options, they could either be Buyers or Sellers. Now obviously the Mets best trade assets are the prospects they plan are building their team around, making one wonder who the organization would consider untouchable. In my eyes the only untouchables in the organization are David Wright (who would never bring back the return the Mets would have to get from their franchise), Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard, Juan Lagares, Curtis Granderson, Rafael Montero, and Jon Niese (the only left hander the Mets have whose above double A ball). Anybody else, including Dan Murphy, Dillon Gee, Bartolo Colon and Jacob deGrom can be had at the right price. Here are the guys I would target at the deadline if the Mets decide to Buy:


– Matt Adams, 1b, Stl- Lucus Duda hasn’t been terrible since he became the primary first baseman but he’s yet to prove he’s a heart of the order hitter that the Mets need. Adams might be had if the Cardinals decide they’re either out of it or need a veteran starter due to the amount of injuries they’ve had this year. They have plenty of pitching prospects but have seen Jaime Garcia and Michael Wacha go down to injuries recently. An ideal trade would be dealing Colon and the little used Wilmer Flores for Adams, again assuming the Cards would willing to deal him, in spite of the fact that Allen Craig could move to first place and uberprospect Oscar Tavares finally would have a place to play. Adams is barely 26 with a .295/.329/.499 slash line with 28 HRs and 97 RBIs in 623 career ABs. That would be your first baseman for the future.

z – Ben Zobrist, 2b/ss/of, TB- Zobrist is an older player than I’d really like the Mets to target, he does come with a club option for next season, and the Rays are notoriously frugal in trading, evidenced by the steal of Wil Myers for James Shields’ last year. Obviously the Rays are another team that doesn’t necessarily need pitching, but could possibly have a need for an experienced starter. I’d love to see if he could be had for some of the 14 Single A All Stars the Mets farm system has produced this year, maybe C Cam Maron, and either P Matt Koch or Randy Fontanez, and maybe deGrom if need be. Zobrist would be an instant upgrade at short, even though he’s not great there, or he could play second in the event Murphy is moved.



casbae – Starlin Castro/Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs- The Mets need a short stop and the Cubs need pitching. These two teams have seem made for trades since Sandy and Theo Epstein both took over, yet nothing’s ever happened. I don’t care which one of these guys the Mets target, it’d be worth either deGrom or Gee (because the Cubs wouldn’t want Colon), or BOTH to get a short stop as talented as either of these two, who could both be cornerstones of the left side along with David Wright. If they had to throw in other prospects, the aforementioned Koch or Fontanez could be included, or fellow single-A-er Gabriel Ynoa, and the Cubs really couldn’t complain.


– Chris Owings, SS, Ari– Not a franchise player, but a solid player. A .277 average with 6 HRs, 21 RBIs, 26 Rs, and 7 SBs looks a lot better than what the Mets have at that position though. There are concerns as to whether his bat would player at CitiField, and whether the D’Backs would move him, but with Didi Gregorious and Nick Ahmed in the system, they could. And if Colon or deGrom would do it he would be a great addition to the top of the order.





Jose Reyes, SS, Tor– The Blue Jays are in a Playoff race and Reyes’ contract is backloaded, so this has no chance of happening, but don’t you think this would be worth Dan Murphy and Bartolo Colon?

Giancarlo Stanton wasn’t included here because there’s no realistic way he gets moved in-season, but after the season, I’d love to see if Zach Wheeler, Dillon Gee, and Jacob deGrom would be enough.

Another trade I think might be worth it whether they are buyers or sellers, might be a trade with the Boston Red Sox, getting players like 1b/3b/of Brock Holt, 2b/ss/of Mookie Betts, C Blake Swihart, and P Matt Barnes for Zach Wheeler and Travis d’Arnaud. Now this is only plausible if the Mets have decided that d’Arnaud is just not for them, and to me Wheeler might be a star but on this team he’s the expendable one who puts too many runners on base. This would be the best way to cut those losses while bringing back multiple players who could produce NOW, while still giving the Mets financial flexibility for the next few years. Would Boston do it?

Switching to the other side, if the Mets become Sellers they would really have to bring in players set to produce this and next season, not single A players and 19 year olds who we won’t see for two or three years. And they still couldn’t trade players vital to their core. Here are the only players I would consider selling to the highest bidder.
Dan Murphy– Honestly I like Murphy, like just about all Met fans do because of his work ethic, and the fact that he’s the most complete hitter they have who isn’t David Wright. But he still is a terrible base runner, and while I don’t begrudge his second base play considering where he started, this isn’t exactly Rodgers Hornsby or anything– he can be moved for the right price. But if the Mets settle for an Ike Davis-like return for arguably their best hitter over the last three years, its not worth it. An ideal package for me would be a solid middle infield bat we get to see this season AND a young bullpen arm we also see this year, basically a more experienced version of last year’s Marlon Byrd trade (Vic Black and Double A Dilson Herrera, who could be good in two years).

23 hj Dillon Gee OR Bartolo Colon– You can’t trade both these guys until we have proof Harvey is healthy and Syndergaard has actually faced major league pitching. Conceivably one should go at the deadline- but you’d have to get a bat, and a bat that produces THIS season. I’ve heard that Gee has been coveted by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. That’s great and all, and the Angels have a decent first base prospect in CJ Cron, who has played well this season, but I would want another bat or bullpen arm that I don’t have to wait on development for or there isn’t a point to it. Now, if the Angels wanted Colon for Cron, that I would think about, given Colon’s age and Cron’s celling THAT could be a steal.

Bobby Abreu/ Chris Young– I put these in here because I want everyone to know– NOBODY WILL TRADE FOR CHRIS YOUNG. You wouldn’t think that needs to be said, but some people don’t know that. Getting a prospect back for Bobby Abreu wouldn’t be a bad idea though, given the amount of players in the Mets outfield with Juan Lagares now back. He was signed on a minor league contract and has done well, if you could get a double A bat with big league potential, that’s a serious win.

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