The National Hockey League has recently been hit with an outbreak of the Mumps. Mumps is a disease that is preventable by vaccine, so it’s been a puzzling epidemic in hockey so far this season. The disease is a respiratory disease that is easily spread from person to person. It makes sense that it is spreading throughout the NHL, because like most sports the players are close with each other and always together on the ice, on the bench, in the locker room and even outside of normal team activities. Ten players in total have been confirmed to have been diagnosed with the Mumps disease. Experts have said that they don’t believe that game action is the biggest way to transmit the disease between players and organizations, but can’t rule out that that may be the most common way it could have been transmitted. Travis Zajac and Adam Larsson of the New Jersey Devils join Corey Perry and Francois Beauchemein of the Anaheim Ducks, five members of the Minnesota Wild, and Tanner Glass of the New York Rangers in the confirmed cases throughout the NHL, while the St. Louis Blues’ had a few cases that went unconfirmed.

The NHL is trying to keep the league and it’s players up to date on ways to prevent contracting the disease and ways to battle it as well. The league had stated that they:

“in November, ‘comprehensive instructions’ including links to the CDC website and ‘assorted literature’ regarding mumps, were sent to team physicians and head trainers on behalf of the league’s infection control subcommittee.”

At this point, we aren’t sure how long this outbreak will spread throughout the league, and if the league expects it to be done and over with before the end of the regular season or even if the end of the playoffs for that matter. Although, an outbreak isn’t considered to be over until 50 days AFTER the last reported case. The issue with the Mumps disease is the length of the cases, and the fact that the symptoms of the disease are sometimes difficult to monitor. The NHL, it’s players, and fans alike will all just have to play a game of wait and see.

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