SportsZone’s Mike Aglialoro looks at the lack of coverage of Albert Pujols’ 500th Home Run, Matt Harvey’s latest public blunder, and Michael Pineda going to the well once too often.

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  1. Jon says:

    Pujols. Cardinals knew something. He was loved by the St Louis faithful yet his price tag was off their radar. If he had stayed which I believe was possible the attention might have been different. Harvey. Great talent. Not like he couldn’t back it up. Needs a mentor in the organization which begs the question who? Wright who is the face of the franchise shows little interest in bring the leader. A veteran like Grandson? Disfunctional Mets. Pineda. What really do you want done? While disappointed yes, who in the dugout noticed this. No one? If the opposing manager can see it from the dugout I’m guessing if you’re sitting next to the guy you might mention it. Wouldn’t you tell a friend they have toilet paper on your shoe? Yup…team effort.

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