In a reunion that made sense from every angle possible, the New York Mets and Yeonis Cespedes finally agreed on a four year, $110 million deal, ending the speculation and letting the Mets focus on other areas of their team. So the question becomes, now what? Which parts of the team will the Mets look to address next. Here are some of the areas that could be next on the Mets ‘to do’ list this offseason:

– LOOK TO TRADE JAY BRUCE- This is the most obvious move, and its one that could happen within the next week, depending on which ‘insider’ you listen to. Bruce, who had the $13 million option on his contract picked up earlier in the offseason, never quite fit into New York after his deadline acquisition, and now with Cespedes, Curtis Granderson, and Michael Conforto all on board, it would appear that the next move would be to try to trade him for some help at another position. Catcher, relief pitcher, third base and/or a right-handed hitting center fielder are all positions the Mets could use an upgrade for, but its a question of which team will give up the most for him, as the Mets are in no position to try to trade Bruce simply to get some prospects back (as Alex Tekip of believes is a possibility).

Teams that are out of contention look for prospects, teams that are looking to make a World Series deal from an area of strength to improve an area of weakness, and right now they have an abundance of power-hitting corner outfielders, with two being left-handed hitters (three if you could Conforto). So what can they get and who will give up the most. Well, Toronto seems the most logical destination, as they tried to trade for him twice before he went to the Mets, and they might be in line for a corner outfielder if they lose Jose Bautista in free agency as they are expected to. Every Met fan would love for the Blue Jays to part with catcher and proven hitter and clubhouse leader Russell Martin for Bruce but that might be asking for too much. The Mets might have to throw in a sweetener in the form of a pitching prospect to make that work, as they would likely have to if they wanted to make a run at their young closer, Roberto Ozuna. But the Blue Jays are a team to monitor, as the definitely appear to be a team that would take Bruce for the right price.

– UPGRADE CENTER FIELD WITH A RIGHTY BAT WHO HAS A GOOD GLOVE (ANDREW MCCUTCHEN?)- Guess what? The Pittsburgh Pirates are reportedly shopping the former MVP, who has one guaranteed year on his contract and a club option for $14.75 million in 2018 remaining on his current deal. At the age of 30, he would be a perfect fit for the Mets in center field. Two problems though- the Mets would have to give up a lot here, and McCutchen is coming off the worst season in his career in 2016. Pittsburgh wouldn’t trade him for Bruce even if Bruce was coming off a huge season, so they would likely want at least two elite prospects back, and probably Conforto too, with Bruce only a thought as a throw-in, not a main piece of a deal. It’s a great thought, but do you really want the Mets to give up top-tier prospects for a guy who may or may not have already seen the best days of his career? If it were to work out, he’d be a guy who could put the lineup over the top. If it failed, it’d bring back memories of the Carlos Baerga deal in 1996, and the signing of Jason Bay back in 2010. Ultimate risk vs. ultimate reward.

– UPGRADE AT CATCHER?- Travis d’Arnaud’s productivity fell off a cliff this season, and we are now at the point where we can wonder if this guy can ever be an every day big league catcher. We talked about the possibility of bringing in Martin, but the truth is a trade might be the only way they’d be able to get a reliable starting catcher if they did decide to move on from d’Arnard. Wilson Ramos isn’t getting back on the field until the summer as he rehabs from major surgery, and Matt Wieters is a career mediocre backstop who hasn’t played a full season in over two years. And those are your only legitimate free agent choices.

– UPGRADE THE BENCH/SIGN A THIRD BASEMAN (JUSTIN TURNER)?- The Mets have had their most success over the last two years when they were able to make use of matchup plays that got everyone involved and put their players in a position where they had to hit if they wanted to stay in the lineup. They currently have Lucas Duda, Neil Walker, and David Wright pencil in as 75% of their starting infield with Jose Reyes the fallback at second, third and short, but both Walker and Wright are serious injury risks, and Wright may never play a full season again in his career. As such, the popular fan theory is to bring back Justin Turner, who became an All-Star with the Dodgers after he was let go, and is currently a free agent. The problem is that he is already 32, turned down a qualifying offer (meaning the team who signs him forfeits a draft pick), and is going to want a three-to-five year deal worth at least $15-18 million a year. It’s a nice idea to bring back a guy who was a fan favorite, but there is no way of knowing if he will keep up the productivity of the last two seasons, plus he is an injury risk himself. Therefore, a guy like Pierce, who provides power, can hit for a decent average, and can play first, third and the outfield might be a safer gamble.

– BRING IN ANOTHER RELIEVER?- The Jeurys Familia situation still has not been resolved, as his domestic violence incident might not lead to charges being filed, but should still lead to a suspension, if we look at how MLB handled similar situations last season (i.e. Aroldis Chapman). Addison Reed would step into the closer’s role if he misses time, but that would still leave the Mets thin in the later innings. Therefore, they need to strongly consider bringing in a capable reliever for the back of the bullpen, even if it isn’t someone who can close. The three biggest names on the market are Chapman, Kenley Jansen and Mark Melancon, but all three should be expected to command long-term deals. Melancon might wind up being the most reasonable, but if they don’t go that route, they need to be willing to bring in a former closer and hope he can rebound to find his past glory like Greg Holland, or be willing to trade with a team that has relief pitchers to spare, like his former team, the Kansas City Royals.

– PRAY FOR STARTING PITCHING HEALTH- I’ve said it on the Friday show many times and I will say it again, Cespedes might have been the biggest story line so far this offseason, but the most important aspect of this offseason for the Mets is getting Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz and Zach Wheeler all healthy to start the season. Harvey, deGrom and Matz have all had surgery on their various injuries and seem on the right track, and we can only hope Wheeler finally comes back from Tommy John surgery in 2015. It is important that the Mets upgrade their lineup and bullpen, but the backbone of this team is the starting rotation, and especially with Bartolo Colon now gone, if it falters nothing else matters because the team will not compete for anything this year.

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