After winning the Heisman Trophy award as a freshman Johnny Manziel was on top of the college football world and it officially has gone to his head! I’ve defended this young man over the past few months that the off field stuff was no big deal I mean he is only 20 years old and I don’t know about you but I did my share of trouble making and bad decision making at 20 years old. Problem for Manziel is that he is under the media microscope after becoming the first freshman to win the Heisman. He has been in the media for negative thing after negative thing over the last few months and I’ve tried to defend him. He had to leave the Manning passing camp for kids, he was kicked out of a frat party and now the NCAA has him under investigation for making money from him signing autographs! Now to be honest in my opinion none of these things separately are that big of a deal but the fact that all these things have happened to him plus several other issues since the college football season has ended it is a big deal! I’m not writing this to debate whether or not Johnny Manziel should be under such scrutiny or if what he’s done is right or wrong. I’m writing this because this kid has become a diva and if he doesn’t change he’s going to watch everything he’s worked for disappear. If he gets suspended for taking money for his autographs then he will miss numerous games maybe the whole season and if that happens you can guarantee he will go from a 1st round draft pick and millions of dollars to a late pick, maybe undrafted. Manziel has shown all of us he doesn’t care about public opinion but if he doesn’t start caring about the opinions of scouts and NFL teams then he will be viewed as a diva that’s not worth the risk!

By: David Hastings

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