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Jason Garrett Continues to Grow - This Is Sports Zone

Being the coach of “Americas Team” comes with a lot of pressure, scrutiny, glory and maybe above all else Jerry Jones. Jason Garrett took over in Dallas for Wade Phillips after a 1-7 start during the 2010-2011 season as the interim head coach. Many Cowboys fans looked at him as another coach in the never ending cycle of Dallas trying to find the “right coach” since the end of the glory days of the 90’s. I will personally admit that even I thought he was just a fill in for the rest of the season but after going 5-3 over the final 8 games Garrett earned his shot in the eyes of Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. As many know Dallas followed up that year with numerous 8-8 seasons in a row but every year Dallas was competing for the NFC East title in each of those years. A win in week 17 all three of those years and Dallas would have won the NFC East title and got a home playoff game. Yet Dallas failed to capitalize on any of those opportunities and many believed that last season was Garrett’s last chance to remain head coach of the Cowboys as his contract was due to expire. Well if you’re a Cowboys fan you know exactly how last year went. 12-4 record for the season as well as an 8-0 road record plus one home playoff game and one win shy of playing in the NFC Championship game. In other words Garrett finally showed that given time he could put together a team of “the right kind of guys” and be a competitive football team every single week in the NFL. This in turn led to Garrett receiving a contract extension from the Cowboys and the opportunity to continue a football program that he has worked really hard to build.

After all of this and just like for every other NFL team a new season began for Garret and the Cowboys. With high expectations after last season the Cowboys and Garrett started this year as one of the early favorites in the NFC to compete for a Super Bowl. Well after just two weeks Garrett was presented with injury upon injury to key players including Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. But Garrett did not sway in his approach to coaching and how he handled his team. He took to the old NFL mantra of “Next Man Up” and explained to his football team that though key guys are injured we still have the talent on this team to compete every single week. Though he stayed true to his coaching beliefs Dallas went into their bye week losing three straight including losing two of those games when they had the lead in the fourth quarter. So what does Garrett do? He coaches and makes changes to his team including a change at quarterback by going from Brandon Weeden to Matt Cassel as well as continuing to preach his belief of “Mental Toughness: Be Your Best Regardless of Circumstance”. Coming up tomorrow is a huge divisional matchup between the Cowboys and their NFC East rival the New York Giants. Now most teams when they have an away game travel on Saturday before the game but Garret being the coach that he is brought his team in on Friday afternoon. Why? So he could bring the whole team including coaches and trainers to the World Trade Center Memorial and to take a tour of the newly erected One World Trade Center. This was an amazing decision to me for a team going through trials and tribulations in their season to be reminded and hopefully humbled by what not only took place that tragic day of 9/11 but how the city of New York and the country rose up from the ashes to erect such an amazing building in honor of those we lost. The Dallas Cowboys put together a video that showed clips from the tour and gave me the motivation to write this article. I not only wanted to remind those out there of what Jason Garrett went through to be looked at as the coach he is now but to show you it as well. Now the Cowboys have made it clear that I cannot share this video without their consent but I will give you the link so you can see what I am writing about. http://www.dallascowboys.com/video/2015/10/24/cowboys-pay-respects-one-world-trade-center

Jason Garrett is only 49 years old making him one of the youngest coaches in the league and I believe that he has a bright future ahead of him as an NFL coach and I only hope that it remains for the Dallas Cowboys. We will see on Sunday whether this trip had any real effect on the team but even if it doesn’t show on the field I believe it will. No matter who you are or what you do for a living we all can use something to remind us that no matter what we go through in life if we are our best regardless of circumstance we all can prevail.

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