It was reported yesterday that Mark Sanchez is looking at season ending shoulder surgery which really means we have most likely seen the last of Sanchez in a Jets jersey and possibly the last we’ve seen of him as a starting quarterback. With that in mind the thought came to me that he may be the next David Carr. High drafts pick who between a lack of talent and a talented team cost them the ability to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. Both men at one time or another have shown the ability to be capable starting quarterbacks in the NFL but as time went by their true colors were shown and NFL teams around the league came to realize that neither man is a starter in the league. Sanchez in his first two years as a starter helped lead the Jets to back to back AFC championship games but it became obvious over the last two years that he benefited from a top ten run game and a top ten defense. Carr was a victim of a horrible offensive line that as time went by were major contributors to the downfall of Carr and his career as a starter. As I said earlier each guy has shown the ability to be a starter in the league but the biggest problem is they are not the type of guys to lead a team they need to be a part of team. When you watch guys like Rodgers, Brady, Brees or either Manning brother you can say to yourself that any of those men can make a team better and be the focal point of the team. You never could say that about Carr or Sanchez! After five years of starting in Houston the Texans finally gave up on David Carr and it looked like Sanchez was going to get his fifth year before the Jets gave up on him but the shoulder injury brought that harsh reality a little sooner for Sanchez. At this point I think it’s fair to say Mark Sanchez is the next David Carr because I don’t see any team in the NFL giving Sanchez a chance at being their starting quarterback next year or any other year. Below is links to compare their stats while they were starters and you can see what I mean!!!

Mark Sanchez:

David Carr:

By: David Hastings
@davidhastings23 @WeAreSportsZone

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