First and foremost let me say in every professional sport in America there is a gay athlete actively playing and I think that’s great. Sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with how well a person can perform on a field, court, or rink. Regardless of gay or straight the only thing that matters is how well you play and can you help your team win. In Jason Collins case however, he is no hero and he is no Jackie Robinson. He is a 34 year old aging athlete at the end of his career who is trying to cement his name in time. It’s an ego driven move for a man whose best career stats came in 2005 when he started 80 games for the Nets and averaged just 6.1 RPG, .9 SPG, .9 BPG, and 6.4 PPG (all career highs). This past season between Boston and Washington he only played in 38 games and averaged 0.9 PPG and 1.3 RPG while playing less than 10 minutes a game. Also, the timing sounds way to coincidental for this story breaking when it did because Collins has no place to play next year. Funny how his agent Arn Tellem told Darren Rovell in an interview that he has “no doubt” a team will sign his client and that he doesn’t think the NBA will push Collins on teams but thinks it will be in a team’s best interest to sign him. My question is why anyone would sign a 34 year old aging center that brings nothing to the table? If he was so sure he was playing next year why didn’t he wait to do this until after he was signed? There are players that can be found in the D-League right now that you could bring up who are younger, hungrier, and cheaper than signing Collins. It almost seems like this is a last ditch effort to sign one more deal and if that’s the reason he came out when he did then shame on him.

I give more credit to Brittney Griner for the way she said it. She should be getting the praise and admiration that Collins in undeservedly getting. She is a professional athlete and what she did was equally challenging and took a lot of guts. Plus she’s a rising superstar, someone who many people will look up to and still has her whole career in front of her. By the end of her career baring injury she may be the greatest player in WNBA history. Why wouldn’t you want her as the person leading this charge? Why wouldn’t you want her to be the face of homosexual athletes in America? I’m sure she has to be a more inspiring story than an aging center in the NBA who has already played a not so great 12 year career. I get it, though people want to make a bigger story out of it because it is a male sport but that should have no bearing here. Everyone should be true to themselves, I mean this is 2013- stop hiding and just be you! It’s a shame some locker rooms can’t handle themselves in a professional way and accept the fact that there are gay people in every aspect of society. The NFL and MLB locker rooms seem to be behind the curve on this and it doesn’t shock me that it was an NBA player to be the first to come out. David Stern has always been an outspoken commissioner who embraces this with open arms. But Collins isn’t someone who can change the landscape of sports he’s not the star this cause needs. Don’t be mistaken: This is someone who doesn’t have a contract for next year. Collins is someone who doesn’t want his career to end even though he and the NBA know it’s over. He is a man who cares more about himself and being the poster child than he does about actually helping the gay community be accepted in the sports world. I wish it would have been an up and coming player or a superstar instead of Jason Collins because to me in this case after seeing the stats, the timing, and the ego of Collins it seems more about cementing his name for all time a.k.a it seems to be a money motivated move.

By: Erich Treslar
twitter: @TheLivingLegend @SportsZoneCZ

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