In what was one of the best games of the year and maybe one of the best NBA Finals games in recent memory the Spurs blew their chance for ring number five. Yes I know there is still one more game to be played to decide the NBA Finals champion but to me game six was the San Antonio Spurs game seven. I say this for one reason and that is LeBron James! It is said that the best team will usually always win a best out of seven series in the NBA and I believe that to be true but once you reach the seventh game of the series things change! It no longer is about who has the better team or the better coach or even who can make the better adjustments. It comes down to who has the best player and no one can argue LeBron James is the best player alive and he happens to play for the Miami Heat. Just like when you reach overtime in an NHL playoff game it becomes more about a single dominant player and in hockey it would be the goalie and in the NBA it would be LeBron James. With one game to decide everything there are no more adjustments to be made so you cancel out the coaches. With one game the pressure is so high you have to expect the roll players on both teams to struggle. So it comes down to the super stars and who is the best out of them. Now I know the Spurs have a few future Hall of Famers on their roster with Ginobli, Parker and of course Tim Duncan but none of them are at the level of LeBron James at this point. James knows that this game 7 is his chance to build on his legacy and add another ring to his hand and if he is as great of a player that we all believe he is then expect him to do everything possible to win game seven. Though the Spurs have held him in check for the most part he still has two triple doubles in these NBA Finals including one last night to stop his team from losing! I think the Spurs are the better TEAM but with one game to decide it all I have to go with the team that has the best player and that’s the Miami Heat and LeBron James.

Miami 98 San Antonio 91

By: David Hastings

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