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Fantasy Football Week Two- Start 'em Up!! - This Is Sports Zone

We went a solid 4-2 to open the season here on Start ’em Up so now we attempt to keep the momentum going for week two of the fantasy football season. Week two is usually an interesting week in the year, where one sees a lot of reaction, and sometimes overreaction to the events of the first week of the season. But a good rule of thumb is to keep a steady hand and stick with players that were thought highly of before the season, and cutting slack to those who didn’t exactly have the best day in the first week of the season, while giving credence to those who outperformed expectations to start the year. To remind those of the rules, here is how we score on Start ’em Up:

– For quarterbacks: 10 completions equal a point, 25 passing yards equal a point, interceptions equal a two point deduction.
– For all players, including quarterbacks, 10 rushing yards equal a point, 2 receptions equal a point, 10 receiving yards equal a point, and touchdowns equal six points.
– For the pick to be a success, the quarterback must gain more than 15 fantasy points, while the other positions must score over 10 points that week.

We will once again be emphasizing the Yahoo daily fantasy games this week before moving on to other sites next week. With that said, we begin with week two of Start ’em Up:

– QB- Trevor Siemian, Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts (Yahoo Price- $25)

I was impressed by Siemian last week against the Panthers. He didn’t have a great game by any stretch, but he recovered from two first half turnovers against a tough defense to have a good second half where he led two scoring drives, including his first career touchdown pass. Now he takes gets to play a weak Indy defense after 10 days of rest. I’m expecting at least 200 yards with two scores even with Demaryius Thomas hurting. Solid numbers for a cheap price.

– RB- LeGarrette Blount, New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins ($15)

Everybody was high on James White entering the season because of what he can do in the passing game, but the fact is that while Jimmy Garoppolo is the starting quarterback, Blount is the more practical option simply because of his ability to grind out tough yards while helping the Patriots control the clock. He wasn’t terribly effective against the Cardinals, with only 70 yards on 22 carries, but he did score once, and he takes on a much weaker defense this week against the Dolphins. Take him now before the price skyrockets.

– WR- Sterling Shepard, New York Giants vs. New Orleans Saints ($17)

All Giants receivers should be in play this week for daily fantasy leagues given how bad the Saints defense is, but I choose to highlight the rookie receiver, who had a decent yet not spectacular game against the Cowboys. Shepard caught three passes for 43 yards and a score in his NFL debut, and now he takes on a defense that gave up over 300 yards to the Derek Carr-led Saints in week one. Eli Manning could very well throw for close to 400 yards in this game, so kick the tires on all Giants pass catchers, and expect a big game from Shepard.

– TE- Dwayne Allen, Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos ($13)

I’ve always been high on Allen, and with Cody Fleener no longer in Indy, the path is clear for him to be dominant for Andrew Luck and the Colts. The Broncos obviously have a tougher defense than the Lions, but they have been susceptible to big games from opposing tight ends, with Greg Olsen being the latest one to exploit them last week. All caught four passes for 53 yards and a score last week, and I see no reason why he can’t repeat that this week.


– RB- Tevin Coleman, Atlanta Falcons at Oakland Raiders ($13)

As much as I tried to warn against the dangers of overreacting to week one performances, this is one of those cases where I would consider a week one performance as a new norm. Coleman was supposed to have a big role for the Falcons last season, before an injury early in the season opened the door for a big year from Devonta Freeman. Now healthy Coleman should continue to have an impact for Atlanta, even though Freeman will still have a large role himself. Last week Freeman played 36 snaps while Coleman had 32, but it was the second-year man’s role in the passing game that is worth rolling the dice on, as he had five pass catches for 95 yards, and now he gets an exploitable matchup against the Raiders. The price is right for another big game this week.

– WR- Chris Hogan, Patriots vs. Dolphins ($12)

Hogan was impressive against the Cardinals on Sunday, with three catches for 60 yards and a score, and has solidified himself as the number two receiver for the Patriots going forward. This is a bit of a risk in terms of a pick, as Rob Gronkowski could return this week, which would limit Hogan’s ceiling. But the Dolphins defense is still a great matchup, and one that could see Hogan return solid production, especially for that price. Roll the dice here.

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