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Fantasy Football Week Two- Sit 'em Down - This Is Sports Zone

We had a respectable 2-1 start to the season here on Sit ’em Down, so now it’s time to keep the momentum going for fantasy football week two. We will once again be putting emphasis on the Yahoo daily fantasy games for this week, before moving on to another site next week. A reminder of the scoring rules:

– For quarterbacks: 10 completions equal a point, 25 passing yards equal a point, interceptions equal a two point deduction.
– For all players, including quarterbacks, 10 rushing yards equal a point, 2 receptions equal a point, 10 receiving yards equal a point, and touchdowns equal six points.
– For the pick to be a success (or a failure seeing as this is the Sit ’em Down column), the quarterback must gain less than 15 fantasy points, while the other positions must score under 10 points.

With that, we begin with Sit ’em Down week two:

– QB- Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams (Yahoo Price- $33)

Wilson had a decent game last week against a defense that by all accounts, he should have dominated. Part of the reason he didn’t was because of an ankle injury that the Seahawks are calling minor and claiming that it will not limit him this week. But its hard to believe that when one considers that he was limited to only one carry for 16 yards, and if he can’t run a huge part of his game is gone. Plus, the Rams will be out for blood in their first game in Los Angeles in 20 years, and we all know the Seahawks struggle on the road anyway. Too many factors make Wilson a pass for me in daily leagues this week.

– RB- Lamar Miller, Houston Texans vs. Kansas City Chiefs ($31)

It’s not a secret that I’m not a fan of Miller, people have always said he was ‘criminally underutilized’ in Miami, while I say he was ‘criminally inconsistent’ his whole career. Whenever he puts up a nice game that makes one thinks he is finally turning a corner, he pulls the rug out from under the user in the next game and reminds him why he wasn’t confident in the back in the first place. Yes, Miller had a nice debut for the Texans last week against the Bears with 117 all purpose yards on 32 touches. Yes, the Chiefs were destroyed on the ground by Melvin Gordon and Danny Woodhead last week. But the Chiefs are not as bad as they showed in the first three quarters of last week’s game, and all Miller showed is that he is a volume runner who isn’t spectacular, as he didn’t even average four yards a touch against the Bears. Don’t buy the Miller hype, and don’t buy Miller for that outrageous price.

– WR- Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins ($25)

As a Cowboy fan I want to believe Dez will have a big game this week. The problem is what we saw out of Dak Prescott in week one- a guy who will struggle to make longer throws. He only averaged six yards an attempt against the Giants, and Dez himself was only targeted five times on the day. Now the head to Washington, where the Redskins were nearly unbeatable last year. Until Prescott proves he can make deep throws, Cole Beasley and Jason Witten are the better starts for Cowboys pass catchers over Bryant.

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