It is time for a new season of football, and that means it is time for the return of Sit ’em Down for Fantasy Football 2016. Like with our Start ’em Up columns, we will be making a little bit of a change this season. While in past seasons we have continuously shown the daily fantasy prices of DraftKings and Fanduel for all players, this year we will not be beholden to showing those values each week. Instead, we will rotate between those two sites, and the daily fantasy prices of Yahoo’s daily games, which is now in its second season.

This week we start with Yahoo, which is still the new kid down in terms of daily fantasy, but they have some intriguing games of their own, and also give newer users the benefit of being able to enter higher stakes games while knowing that opponents can only enter no more than 10 lineups, which can be a major problem with the two industry leaders in that their rules allow experienced gamblers to control those contests by being able to enter as many as 150 times.

This year the format will also be a bit different, as we will profile one quarterback, one running back, and one receiver each week. For the pick to be a success (or a failure seeing as this is the Sit ’em Down column), the quarterback must gain less than 15 fantasy points, while the other positions must score under 10 points that week. The scoring system is the same as Start ’em Up, which is:

-For quarterbacks: 10 completions equal a point, 25 passing yards equal a point, interceptions equal a two point deduction.
– For all players, including quarterbacks, 10 rushing yards equal a point, 2 receptions equal a point, 10 receiving yards equal a point, and touchdowns equal six points.

So with that, we begin week one of Sit ’em Down!!!

– QB- Jimmy Garoppolo, New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals (Yahoo Price- $28)

I pick Tom Brady’s replacement for four games, not just because he shouldn’t be considered a viable starter against a stout Arizona defense, but to illustrate one of the main problems with Yahoo’s scoring system: there tends to be no real wiggle room at times even as you travel down their rankings. Garoppolo is only the 23rd ranked quarterback in terms of price, yet he is only eight dollars cheaper than the three highest priced quarterbacks: Drew Brees, Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck. With only a $200 salary cap to spend among nine players for an average of $22 per player, that tends to be a bit restricting, and as a result many players tend to be priced higher than their ranked would dictate (to compare, Jay Cutler (playing at Houston) and Ryan Tannehill (at Seattle) are ranked right behind Garoppolo and only a dollar cheaper). Even if price wasn’t an issue this is not the week to roll the dice with the first time starter, as the Cardinals defense is still going to be among the best in the league, and the Patriots will probably try to lean on the ground game more than usual as a result. Garoppolo could wind up being a legitimate start at some point during Brady’s suspension, just not this week.

– RB- Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Diego Chargers ($30)

Charles is not fully recovered from his ACL surgery that ended his 2015 season, and will likely be in some sort of timeshare with Spencer Ware when he does return, at least until he shows the coaching staff he can shoulder a full load. Plus, head coach Andy Reid called Charles playing in week one a ‘stretch,’ which means that he is a safe bet to be a player worth skipping for this week, but a decent buy low candidate in yearly leagues if you have an owner panicking over his full-season status.

– WR- Brandon Marshall, New York Jets vs. Cincinnati Bengals ($32)

It’s always tough to pick a top guy to sit in week one, it’s the beginning of the season and everyone looks great on paper. But, if I have to pick one guy it’s Marshall, who has battled a minor hip injury through the preseason, and also will be facing a tough Bengals defense this week. The Jets may not have many receiving options beyond Marshall, Eric Decker, and Matt Forte, but with the Bengals secondary of Dre Kirkpatrick and Adam Jones, Ryan Fitzpatrick could be in for a long day under center, and Marshall could be money wasted if you invest in him in daily fantasy this week.

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