With the NBA All Star break over and everybody back in full swing, its time to look at some players who have had statistical seasons beyond anyone’s wildest predictions.  These are three players all taken, on average, no earlier than pick 120 in Yahoo! drafts  this season, and all three are currently ranked in the top 100 at present time, and we’ll start with a guy I talked about before the season. 

-Greivis Vazquez, NO- General Greivis’s only main flaw is that he turns over the ball over 3 times a game, 6th most among point guards, but if itwasn’t for that, he’d be considered a top 10 at the position, having the 3rd most assists per game in the league, while upping career highs in points scored, rebounds, field goal and three point percentages.  If you drafted him late or picked him off the waiver wire, you did well, and he should be solid the rest of the way, if only he’d cut down on those turnovers just a bit.

-Nikola Vucevic, Orl- We all knew he’d get playing time on a weak Orlando team, I don’t anybody thought he’d be as dominant on the boards as he has been though, averaging 12.5 pts and 11.5 rebs a game for the season, and 15.1 and 12.6 over the last 30 days, while pulling down a block a game while shooting over 54% from the field.  Like all big men he needs to improve his free throw shooting, but this kids a beast, if you don’t have him and you want to make a run in your fantasy postseason, I’d advise making a trade for him, he could be worth it.

-Shawn Marion, Dal- Completely overlooked the last few seasons, he’s having arguably his best season in five years, having come on strong since December, with his best rebounding numbers since he was on Toronto, and averaging 16 points over his games in February, to go with shooting 50% from the field and 84% from the line.  If you picked him up thinking he’d just be a solid last-man-on-your roster, boy have you been rewarded.

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