The Mets preview looks much like it does every year with the hope that the future is coming but not here yet. It’s no secret the Mets have some good young pitching but with Matt Harvey out for the season and Noah Syndergaard starting the season in the minors the future is looking like its going to have to wait another year, but we aren’t here to talk about the future, we are here to talk about this season and although the Vegas line is 74.5 wins, I have the Mets at 77 wins.

Curtis Granderson was the biggest offseason acquisition but I don’t think his bat alone will be enough to help this lineup. The Mets passed on Nelson Cruz but signed Chris Young for practically the same money in a move I still don’t understand (Mike’s note— to be fair, Cruz was asking for 4yrs at 75 mil when the Mets signed Young, Cruz taking 8 mil as late as he did is basically an admission that he held out for too much money and had to take what he could get— which the Mets had no way of knowing would happen back in December, plus I still say Cruz’s bat and “defense” would not have played nearly as well in Citi Field as they will in Camden). Cruz could have really been good in this lineup, instead the Mets have a lot of question marks leading into what will be another long season of dreaming about the future.
Will Travis D’Arnaud live up to his hype and improve at the plate? I think he takes that step forward this year. Can the Mets get anything useful out Rueben Tejada? Let’s be honest here probably not. How could the Mets not come to terms with Stephen Drew? (Mike- 15 mil for a guy not worth it, that’s how) He would improve the Mets at shortstop dramatically even if you had to pay slightly move than you wanted for him what he would bring to the team as far as work ethic, leadership, and winning culture would be more than worth it. Who is going to step up and rise to the occasion at first base Ike Davis or Lucas Duda? I’m not too sure either will. (Mike- I wish I disagreed) Can the hard throwing Noah Syndergaard hit the ground running when he’s called up and be able to make a difference? He should be able to hold his own with the big boys but only time will tell. Can Jon Niese or Jenrry Mejia stay healthy? How is Bartolo Colon going to handle pitching in the National League? Can Bobby Parnell be the closer or will he give way at some point to Jose Valverde? I see Valverde being the closer for at least part of the season. The only players I don’t really question on this team are David Wright (of course) as he’s as solid a player and leader as you could ask for. Zack Wheeler is a really good young arm who by the end of the season has the potential to be the ace of this staff. The only offseason move I liked by the Mets was Granderson, who will do well but don’t expect him to hit 40 homers in pitcher friendly Citi Field. Last but not least I expect a solid season from Dillon Gee. Although there may not be a Cy Young winner on this staff I think they have the potential to keep the Mets in games but the worry is, will this lineup be able to score enough runs? With all these questions left unanswered heading into the season the Mets may end up slightly better than last year but definitely not competing for division with the Braves and Nationals yet again. For the Mets it’s just another year of looking toward the future.

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