Yesterday it was announced that the Orlando Magic have fired head coach Stan Van Gundy and general manager Otis Smith.  It was reported that towards the end of the season Orlandowould have to make these moves in order to get Dwight Howard committed long term.  Well they did it and now I think it’s time for them to lose Dwight as well.  He causes to much drama for the team and at this point I think Magic fans are tired of him!  Stan Van Gundy was a good head coach and though Smith made some questionable decisions (trade for Gilbert Arenas) Van Gundy led Orlandoto an NBA Finals appearance and the 4th best winning percentage since he took over in Orlando in 2007.  The only three teams better were the Lakers, the Celtics and the Spurs in that order.  The interview before the Knicks game toward the end of the season was the dead giveaway that things were getting bad in Orlando ( fast forward to 5 min in).  There are so many teams that would be willing to trade for Dwight that I think Orlando should just move on before he tares this team apart even more then he already has.  The CEO Alex Martins denies that Howard had anything to do with the decision behind the firings but anyone on the outside looking in doesn’t believe that and I’m sure if Van Gundy and Smith could tell the truth they would but I’m sure there is something in their contracts that will stop them from saying anything.  I’m sure Van Gundy will get a job and be fine it’s the Magic I’m worried about.  Do you think Orlando will trade Dwight Howard?  Do you think Howard will agree to a long term deal now that he got what he want?  Let me know what you think below and don’t forget to always check out SportsZone on the tunein radio app (search clubzone) and on from 12-2pm eastern every Monday through Friday!!!  You can also call in and voice your opinion at 201-430-2119.  This blog is available on both as well as .

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