Former UFC champion Daniel Cormier does not intend to retire from mixed martial arts and believes a win over Jon Jones is still possible. During an appearance on The MMA Hour on Monday, Cormier (19-2) said he will fight again and is confident he can orchestrate a third fight against Jones (23-1).

“Why would I stop fighting?” Cormier said. “I feel like I still love the competition more than anything. That’s really what drives me. When I don’t have competition, I’m miserable. Not only am I going to fight again, but I do believe Jon Jones and I will fight again. Yes, I have a desire to fight, and I believe he and I will compete again before it’s all said and done.”

Cormier, 38, lost his light heavyweight championship to Jones via knockout at UFC 214 last month. Cormier has defeated every mixed martial arts opponent he has ever faced with the exception of Jones, who also beat him in 2015. Jones, 30, is currently weighing options for his next fight. In a recent interview with, he admitted he “wouldn’t be surprised” if a third fight with Cormier materialized down the road. Despite the two losses to Jones, Cormier remains the clear No. 2 in the 205-pound division. His rivalry with Jones also has a proven track record when it comes to fan interest.

“I don’t know exactly what path leads back to a fight with Jones, but I anticipate he’ll be the champion,” Cormier said. “I don’t believe there’s anyone else in this division who can compete with me. After I win enough fights, I believe we’ll fight again. Also, we make money together. And when you make money together, the UFC is usually pretty open to making those matches.”

A former heavyweight, Cormier did not rule out the possibility of moving up in weight. But in addition to having a teammate and close friend, Cain Velasquez, in that division, Cormier said he has “shrunk” a lot since his last heavyweight fight in 2013. Cormier said he is dealing with a chronic nose injury and sore legs from the July fight with Jones but is otherwise healthy. He also admitted there is a 10-minute window from UFC 214 that he still can not recall, due to head trauma. Jones won the fight shortly after landing a clean kick to Cormier’s head.

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