Through ten games of the NFL season the Dallas Cowboys are 5-5 for the second year in a row and for the third year in a row they have a 500 record going into their bye week. This team all year has been up and down, lacking the ability to consistently execute week in and week out. They have showed they can compete with the best teams including a three point loss to the Broncos and two 1 point losses to the Chiefs and Lions (both division leaders). Yet this team struggled to beat a lowly Minnesota Vikings team, needing a game winning drive from Romo to escape from Dallas with a win. The defense has managed to keep the team in games when the offense struggles and the offense has managed to put up points when the defense struggles. yet they can’t manage to put it all together for one game. Last night against the Saints though was the perfect example of what this team really is, consistently inconsistent. The Cowboys defense gave up an NFL record 40 first downs to the Saints while the offense went 0-8 on third down. This team is in a lot of trouble on both sides of the ball between injuries on defense and the lack of consistency on offense, I believe the inconsistency will continue. The Cowboys have gone from the best looking team in a bad division. to nothing more then a bad team in a bad division. With games coming up against the Redskins, Eagles, Giants, Packers and Bears there is only one thing I know for sure about the Dallas Cowboys, expect them to continue being Consistently Inconsistent!

By: David Hastings
@davidhastings23 @WeAreSportsZone

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