Well, that offseason went by fast. It felt like just yesterday Jameis Winston was completing a pass to secure a National Championship for Florida State. It felt like just yesterday Chris Davis was returning a 100 yard missed field goal for Auburn to beat Alabama. And it felt like just yesterday Johnny Manziel was doing Johnny Manziel things on and off the field (you’re welcome NFL).

With the return of college football comes the education process of “who’s that guy?” That’s what makes college football so great, every year new stars are born that make the game that much more exciting. Every week there will be new names in college football that might cost a team a shot at the national title. Do you remember who Jameis Winston was prior to his first game last year? There will be freshman who looks like they’ve been playing college football for years and then there will be freshman who one can’t believe are allowed to play football. The new players are what keep college football exciting.

With the College Football Playoff in its first year, it’s going to be fun to figure out who are the top 4 teams are on a week-to-week basis. My top four teams might be different from your top 4 teams. It’ll create controversy but since when has that hurt college football?

winMy Preseason Top Four is:
1. Florida State
2. Alabama
3. Oregon
4. Michigan State.


We all know preseason polls mean nothing, but I just don’t see how those four teams do not get picked at the end of the year for the college football playoff. It will be interesting to see the criteria that the selection committee will use. Will they penalize a one-loss team who doesn’t win their conference? Will they take an undefeated team who wins their conference but had a cupcake schedule? Those are the things that will either make this process enjoyable, or will make it a constant argument on who deserves a spot and who doesn’t. The good thing about a system being in the first year is that more than likely there will be tweaks in year two.

A perfect example of a cupcake schedule is Florida State. Their only non-conference game of any merit is Week One against Oklahoma State. After that they play mediocre teams like Wake Forest, Boston College, and Virginia. They lose one or two games and they most likely will not get picked. Alabama is going to be a perfect test to see if the system works. With games against LSU, Florida, Auburn to name a few. If THEY have one or two losses, they will likely be picked. As you can see, it’s a subjective process and even though the BCS system is gone, the controversy still exists. My guess is in 5 years, there will be a 6 or 8 team playoff.

Throughout the season I’ll provide my top four playoff rankings, plus the last 3 out to give everyone a glimpse of just how tough it’s going to be to pick four teams. I will also provide a team to watch every week (I’ll promise to not always pick Rutgers but I’m weak) and a look at a surprise Big 5 conference team you should be looking at.

Come back next week for a quick hit conference preview.

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