Long time Chargers signal caller Phillip Rivers has agreed to a contract extension with the San Diego Chargers. The new deal is for four years, worth roughly $65 million in guaranteed money, with the total value of the contract around $84 million. This comes as the Chargers and Oakland Raiders are in talks to develop a $1.7B dollar deal to build a brand new stadium in Carson, California. Rivers said before that he would agree to play out the remaining year on his contract, but preferred to sign on long-term, as he stated that he didn’t want extension talks to drag out into the season.

Rivers is a solid quarterback, and it’s hard to let a quarterback of his caliber hit the open market, because signal caller is the most important position in the NFL. It is very hard to find a solid starting quarterback in this league and the Chargers felt that they couldn’t let Rivers even consider hitting the open market. Without a doubt, Rivers is the Chargers most important player on the roster.

Last season, Rivers threw for over 4000 yards and 30+ TD passes. Rivers has started 144 consecutive games at quarterback for the Chargers, and is one of the more durable quarterbacks in the league. He has a semi-successful playoff career, at 4-5. The Chargers have been pretty successful under Rivers, winning five AFC West titles, and making the AFC Championship game in 2007. Throughout his career, Rivers has thrown for 36,655 yards and 252 touchdown passes, and 122 interceptions. Rivers is one of the better starters in the league, having won the third most amount of games since taking the reigns from Drew Brees in 2006. In a season like this, where not much is known about where the Chargers will end up playing, this is a solid deal for an above average quarterback that will provide some stability for San Diego.

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