I know some of you may not remember but the NBA needed the greatness of the rivalry between the Boston Celtics and Larry Bird and the Los Angeles Lakers and Magic Johnson in the 1980’s to turn into one of the most played and recognized sports in the world, of course things were cemented and made official world wide once Michael Jordan took over but this isn’t about him. From 1980-1989 the Lakers or the Celtics were in the NBA finals with the Lakers winning 5 titles with 2 coming against Boston. Boston won 3 titles with one against the Lakers. The real rivalry started though in the 1979 National College Basketball Championship when Magic Johnson’s Michigan St. team played against Larry Birds Indian St. team in which Magic and Michigan St. won but that was just the beginning. Magic and Bird both entered the league in ’79 and the NBA was in for a rise in popularity quickly.

After the 80’s ended it was thanks to Magic, Larry, the Celtics and the Lakers for the popularity and recognition the NBA was receiving. But once the Jordan era of the 90’s ended the NBA took a huge downturn in popularity, no thanks to the rise of the NFL’s power but the NBA just didn’t have enough superstars and no rivalries to promote to bring back fans and gain new ones. Then came LeBron James and his run with the Cavaliers but he had no real rival and the Cavs as a team just weren’t good enough to beat the better “TEAMS” in the league. Then of course we all know about “The Decision” and what happened after that. But few realized while this was going on a young up and coming team with a true young superstar was on the rise! Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder were paying their dues as well, losing to the last few champions to come out of the West all while growing as a team and Durant growing as a superstar winning 3 straight scoring titles (his 3rd coming this year). Little did we all know that a new rivalry between two stars was right on our doorstep!

This year in the 2011-2012 season NBA fans worldwide got to watch what I believe as well as many others to be the second coming of Lakers vs Celtics, Magic vs Bird. Durant vs LeBron looks to be something we all will be enjoying for years to come! The Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder have their superstars in place, their coaches in place and their fans in place to repeat what we saw this year for many years to come! This is Celtics/Lakers 2.0 in my opinion and I’m extremely excited and you should be too. The NBA was at it’s best in the 80’s and 90’s and perhaps it may reach that level again in the coming years, LET’S HOPE IT DOES!!!

By: David Hastings

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