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  1. Johanie says:

    Good point. I do agree to a exstent. Many MLB plyares have clauses in their contracts for bonuses if they make the All-Star game. With people voting its a popularity contest, just like you say. So the famous athletes get more money just for being popular. I also as a Tigers fan I can’t stand to think JP got the boot for Jeter. Jeter is good, but he doesn’t deserve it this year, numbers dont lie! I think it should be voted by the coaches or some sort of committee. But on the other hand if you let the fans vote this ensures they get to see who they want to see and as a result they buy the tickets and merchandise of their favorite player. Overall, I agree with you, fan voting is something that shouldnt be allowed for something like the All-Star, especially since many people factor how many all-star games a player has been to when they consider how good a player they were.

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