Dez Bryant a third year receiver for the Dallas Cowboys has an impressive set of highlight plays on his small resume so far but they are definitely out weighed by his off field issues.  He has never actually spent anytime in jail and outside of the one time charges were pressed on him he has never actually been charged with breaking the law.  The one time he had charges pressed on him they were later dropped and the state chose not to pursue the charges as well.  The one issue with these problems is that they seem to keep happening!

Considering the fact the issues keep happening, the Dallas Cowboys including head coach Jason Garrett and owner Jerry Jones have stepped in and laid down some rules, “The Dez Commandments”.  The Cowboys have reached an agreement with Dez Bryant on numerous rules about his conduct during the season if he wishes to stay a Dallas Cowboy.  These rules include no drinking, no strip clubs and a midnight curfew that if Dez is going to break curfew he must inform the team ahead of time for their approval.  He must also attend counseling sessions twice a week and if he is going to go out to a night club then it must be team approved (I would love to see that list) for him to go.  Bryant will also be accompanied by a rotating three man security team that Dez Bryant must pay for himself.  This team will drive Bryant to all games, team functions and practices but will it make a difference?

Dez Bryant is a grown young man who has had a rough childhood but turned that into a potentially great NFL career.  The only problem is though physically he is a grown man mentally he still hasn’t grown up.  Now Bryant agreed to these strict rules to abide by but can he really and even if he can will he still stay out of trouble? Dallas tried this a couple years ago with “Pacman” Jones and he ended up getting into a fight with one of his security team personnel.  Now soon or a later we all have a moment where we realize that it’s time to grow up and act like an adult but some later then others and if that’s Dez Bryant’s situation then it may take a few years and a few teams before it happens.  I think that Dez will grow up but if he does that it won’t be due to the “Dez Commandments”.  He has an amazing opportunity to become an unbelievable wide receiver in the NFL andDallasjust hopes it with a star on the side of his helmet!

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