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Boston Celtics Nab #1 Pick in 2017 NBA Draft Via Brooklyn Nets - This Is Sports Zone

The NBA’s two most storied franchises were big winners on Tuesday night as the Boston Celtics won the NBA draft lottery and the top overall pick with the Los Angeles Lakers landing the second pick. Less than 24 hours after outlasting the Washington Wizards in Game 7 to reach the Eastern Conference finals, the Celtics added to their incredible high as they and their fans got what they have waited for ever since trading Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn Nets for three first-round picks in 2013, including the rights to swap picks this year with the Nets, the worst team in the NBA this season.

Boston, which also owns the Nets’ first-round pick next year, became the first team to finish with the top record in a conference and then pick first overall since the Lakers drafted James Worthy first in the 1982 draft. The Nets, who have paid (and will continue to pay) a lofty price for a trade that never worked out the way they envisioned, will take the Celtics 27th pick and also the Wizards 22nd pick, which was acquired at the trade deadline for Bojan Bogdanovic.

Had the Lakers, who had the third-best odds in the lottery, not landed in the top three, they would have had to surrender their first-round pick to the Philadelphia 76ers as part of a 2012 trade involving Steve Nash. And if the Lakers failed to pick in the top three, they also would have had to give up their 2019 first-round pick to Orlando for the Dwight Howard trade in 2012. Now, they simply have to give the 76ers their unprotected first-round pick next year. In addition to the second pick in the draft, they also own the Houston Rockets 28th pick, thanks to their deadline trade of Louis Williams.

The Sacramento Kings originally moved up into the top three, which was a giant jump for a team with the eighth best odds of picking first. But the Sixers will acquire that pick, exercising their right to swap with Sacramento that was gained as a result of the Nik Stuaskas trade two offseasons ago. The Kings will still pick at No. 5, which is where Philadelphia would have selected. Sacramento will also land the Pelicans’ selection at No. 10. That New Orleans selection was acquired by the Kings in February’s DeMarcus Cousins trade and was top-three protected.

The Phoenix Suns, who came into the night with the second highest odds of nabbing the first overall pick, ended the night on the losing end, dropping into the fourth pick in the draft. As a result of the Kings move into the top three (and ultimately, top five), the Orlando Magic, Minnesota Timberwolves, and New York Knicks will now pick in the six through eight spots, rather than five through seven. The Magic will also pick 25th, due to their deadline deal of Serge Ibaka to the Toronto Raptors.

Rounding out the draft lottery are the Charlotte Hornets picking at 11, the Detroit Pistons at 12, the Denver Nuggets at 13, and the Miami Heat at 14.

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