The New York Yankees aren’t about to panic just yet. Reliever Andrew Miller may have a fracture in his non-pitching hand, but that won’t prevent him from taking the mound during the regular season. Miller has decided to pitch through the injury rather than go on the disabled list, according to Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News.

The news probably comes as a big relief to Yankees fans, as the club was set to open the season without two of its three vaunted relievers. Aroldis Chapman will miss time serving a 30-game suspension after an offseason domestic violence incident. With the 30-year-old Miller also out, that would have left Dellin Betances as the only elite back-end option for New York.

That will no longer be the case. Miller and Betances will again team up to form one of the best late-inning duos in the game. The on field results should only get better once Chapman arrives. While a hand injury to a pitcher never seems like a good thing, the Yankees escaped without a major issue here. Considering much of their roster construction in the offseason was based on having multiple elite relievers, the club is likely breathing a huge sigh of relief.

“According to Wikipedia, it’s not an important bone. It doesn’t really do anything,” Miller said of his broken pisiform, which is in the heel of the hand just above the wrist. “It’s my right hand; I don’t really need it. I don’t see any reason I can’t work around it unless for some reason the doctor tells me I have to protect it for some reason that we don’t foresee. I plan to be able to manipulate my glove around it and not really worry about it.”

“It says alot about him,” Girardi said about Miller’s willingness to pitch with the injury. “It says he cares about one thing. Winning and helping his teammates. Two things. That’s what he cares about. And we’ve seen that in the year that we’ve had him. His attitude toward Chapman coming in and just the way he’s went about his business, he cares about winning.”

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