The bullied have finally become the bullies. Last Friday night Aledo High School in Texas beat Western Hills 91-0. It was a match up of state class 4A #1 ranked Aledo who was 6-0 on the season averaging over 69 points per game and have won their last 4 games by an average of 77 points versus an 0-6 Western Hills team who could only field 30 kids. It’s not as if Western Hills is the only team that Aledo has blown out it seems to happen almost every week so why did this come as a shock? After the game an upset parent from Western Hills got on his soap box and filed a bullying complaint with the school district against Aledo’s head coach Tim Buchanan for “Unsportsmanlike conduct from 7:30 – 10:00.” Upon first glance it looks like this father is right a merciless beat down at the hands of Aledo but the numbers are deceiving and I wonder if the parent who filed the complaint actually watched the game or only focused on the scoreboard. Was this a fair matchup based on talent? No but this is sports not life and even in life not everything is fair. Lots of life lessons are learned through sports winning, losing, teamwork, hard work, perseverance, loyalty and respect just to name a few. I don’t know one person who has played organized sports who hasn’t been on one end or the other of a lopsided game at some point. It happens to all of us it’s a part of playing sports someone has to win and someone has to lose. It’s that simple. The members of the school district who met with head coach Buchanan told him he should have told his players to ease up and not play so hard but you can’t do that as a coach. How can you look at you your team and tell them to lay down for an opponent? How do you look at you team and tell them to give up? I’d never want my child to play for a coach who told them to go out on the field and try to be less than their best, to not give effort, to not try. As a former coach I don’t think I would have coached that game any differently than Aledo’s coach did. Buchanan did everything he reasonably could to keep the score down even saying to the media about the win and the score “I’m upset about it, I don’t like it. I sit there the whole third and fourth quarter and try to think how I can keep us from scoring.” Who out there thinks that was a fun victory Aledo? Are they proud of a win like that? No but telling those second and third string kids getting an opportunity to play and being told to go out there and give up is even worse. Buchanan started substituting players in the first quarter. Does that sound like someone who is trying to run up the score? Aledo had 32 offensive plays all game with only 10 of those being pass plays that’s it. The game had a running clock from the third quarter on and Aledo was respectful too, not talking trash or trying to rub it in. Even Western Hills head coach Naylor chimed in the situation saying “I think the game was handled fine. They’re No. 1 for a reason, and I know coach Buchanan. We’re fighting a real uphill battle right now.” He’s not accusing them of playing too rough he’s not making excuses for his team. Naylor handled the loss how your supposed to handle it he is a standup coach a great role model for Western Hills athletics but this parent on the other hand now that’s a different story. Bullying in this country is a real problem it happens everyday at schools across the country and stories like this only undermine the real effort going on to stop it. Bullying has serious effects on the victims sometimes leading to suicide and school shootings it’s something that needs to be stopped but what happened in this game was not bullying. I don’t think any child ever was sitting on a therapists coach saying the reason their life turned out the way it did was because of a lopsided loss they suffered in week 7 of a high school football season. Part of the problem is as a society we’ve gone soft. Years ago parents taught kids to stand up to bullies and defend yourself now a days kids are taught to run and tell an authority figure. So instead of bullies learning a lesson that you can’t always push people around now bullies learn you can get away with just about anything because the worst thing that’s going to happen to them is a stern talking to by an authority figure. In this case that father who filed the complaint is the bully in my eyes trying to push around and a coach and a team who are only guilty of winning a lopsided game. Have you ever heard the saying actions speak louder than words? Well in today’s society words rein supreme while action is rarely taken. In this backwards reality this father who filed the bullying complaint is publicly crying about how bad his sons team lost rather than helping his son and the Western Hills team become better players. He wants the competition to play down to Western Hills level rather than trying to raise their game to Aledo’s level. He has become the bully that he is accusing Aledo coach Buchanan of being. He is trying to bully Aledo out of the conference. It’s a sport if you going to tell the other team they are playing too hard and to ease up then maybe you have your kid playing the wrong sport. Maybe hopscotch or tiddlywinks would be a better option for your child if they can’t handle tough competition. Maybe he should be playing Madden on Xbox or Playstation that’s probably more his speed but make sure not to set it to All Madden otherwise your next complaint will be filed with EA Sports for he computer not letting your son win. Maybe his kid would be better off getting a hobby like wood shop or art and crafts. Some parents just aren’t cut out for real sports. I hate to break it to you but every child does not deserve a trophy. Winning and losing is why you play sports. If everyone is special and everyone is a winner why play the games? As former NFL head coach Herm Edwards once so eloquently said during a press conference “You play to win the game!” Bottom line every kid who plays a sport wants to win wants to be a champion but even Michael Jordan couldn’t win every game. You have to learn how to lose too. Some parents like this father from Western Hills never want their kids to feel the pain of defeat they want to shelter their child but what that parent doesn’t realize is that a loss as bad as 91-0 will motivate those kids to try, practice, and train harder for next season so they can make it more of a competitive game and if it doesn’t motivate them then maybe those kids would be better off playing one of those aforementioned alternative sports. Plus the embarrassment his son must feel now after everyone on the team finds out his father was the one who filed this complaint. That kid has to me mortified by the actions of his father. None of his other teammates coaches or parents thought this was bullying. So what did this father really accomplish by filing this bullying complaint? He made Aledo players and head coach Buchanan feel even worse than they already felt about the game. He wasted the board of educations time, money, and resources looking into this bogus allegation. Also embarrassed his family, his son, his sons friends, teammates, and coaches but the real bullying is just about to begin. That father doesn’t realize the repercussion of his actions don’t fall back on him they fall back on his son who still has to attend school and classes and the team that will forever be taunted as the Western Hills Wussies. This debacle should have taught everyone a lesson not to be a sore loser like this father was but teach your kid to take defeat like a man learn and grow from it, not to run hide and tattle to the authorities. Save the complaints for the real acts of bullying not a lopsided football game. The school district did the right thing here finding “no grounds” for bullying knocking this dad off his high horse. Justice finally prevailed hopefully now we can get the focus back on the Friday night lights.

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