Arguably the best and most talked about topic coming from the 2012 Summer Olympics is whether the Mens USA basketball team from 2012 could beat the “Dream Team” from 1992 that included 11 Hall of Fame players and 3 Hall of Fame coaches.  Now it’s a debate that will never have a real answer nor a real result but the debate caused others to get to thinkinga nd yesterday talked about what would an NFL “Dream Team” look like in 2016!  Now I believe the idea behind this is that some have talked about having “American Football” as part of the Olympics so it made people begin to wonder who would represent Team USA in the 2016 Olympics on a football field.  Now if you were to play “American Football” in the Olympics my guess would be that they would play 7 on 7 flag football because I highly doubt they would play the game that we get to watch during the NFL season.  It’s to violent and physical to play in the short time they have for the Olympics so by doing flag football you limit injuries as well as possible violence.  So if it is 7 on 7 who would be the 14 players on the USA squad?  Now you have to keep in mind that this would be 2016 so 4 years from no which means some of the best players now will be on their decline by the time these games came around.  To me on offense I would have Aaron Rodgers at QB, Arian Foster at RB, Nick Mangold as my Center, Jimmy Graham at TE and my 3 WR’s are Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant and Julio Jones.  That to me definately seems like a “Dream Team” on offense and you can check out who I would have at defense tomorrow only here on

By: David Hastings


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