The US losing to Germany shouldn’t make a team feel great about their 2014 World Cup chances, but they can thank Portugal’s 4-0 loss to Germany in the opening game for advancing. At the end of the day, their devastating tie to Portugal ended up being something no one will remember. What will be remembered is that the US advanced from the Group of Death when no one gave them a chance. Jürgen Klinsmann got the team trained and prepared for the rigors of a World Cup and the grit and determination that the US Men’s team has showed, is a testament to his training philosophies. They’ll need that grit, to advance going forward.
fan They’ll face a Belgium team that was one of the dark horses to advance before the World Cup started. A team that has players spread across all of the top flight leagues in Europe. They are a cocky young team that likes to attack and not play with the passivity that the US men’s soccer team tends to show at times. In a friendly against the US last year, Belgium showed that by scoring 4 goals and playing with the type of aggressiveness that all soccer fans wish their teams would play. I am sure Jürgen, will be looking at the tape of that game and determining where the weaknesses lie. All teams have weaknesses, it’s just a matter of capitalizing and exposing the opportunities that can lead to win. The Brazil-Chile game is a prime example of when a lesser teams capitalizes on those few chances. Granted Chile lost in a shootout, but they had no business getting to that point even after coming close on a couple of opportunities to win the game.

Not to look ahead but, even if the US gets pass Belgium, they most likely will have to play Argentina who probably has one of the best players in the world in Messi. They are at a point where the whole country is riveted and enthralled on their every moment. Each foul, each ball to the middle of the box, each shot to the goalie, this US team will keep you breathless. It might be a team we will remember for all of the excitement, or forget and move on to the next big thing. They can make history and be remembered as one of the best soccer teams the US has fielded outside of 1950. One pass at a time, one shot at a time. If they keep playing the way they have, they will win. One nation, One team.

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